School Uniforms Play a Positive Role


Whether or not students should wear uniforms has been a long time controversial issue. Some think uniforms limit a student’s self- expression and promote conformity.  However, I tend to believe uniforms are an important part of being an school student and give a student a sense of belonging. It is a symbol of pride in their school, and it allows students to take satisfaction in their appearance.

Wearing uniforms deemphasizes the socio-economic divisions that could be made through the wearing of everyday clothes. This could lead to less bullying and a classroom focused more on their education instead of what someone is wearing.  In a 2013 survey by the National Association of Elementary School Principals (NAESP) and uniform manufacturer Lands’ End, 86% of school leaders said uniforms make “a significant, positive impact on peer pressure,” and 64% said uniforms reduce bullying. Not only does it improve bulling statistics but it improves a child’s self- esteem.

Uniforms are highly valued because they are easier to enforce than the standard dress code, which in turn saves class time.  According to a 2013 US Department of Justice report, almost 50% of high school students say there are gang members at their schools. With uniforms there has also been a decrease in gang violence, because uniforms prevent certain colors, symbols, and insignia. Again, uniforms tend to unify a school, in which otherwise wouldn’t be.

Uniforms also tend to limit a financial burden by limiting students to wearing a simple outfit every day. In the long run, uniforms are a much better option for students. They prevent class division, bullying, and gang member activities while promoting community spirit and a unified school community. Plus it is cheaper for a parent’s pocket!

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