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Students of the University of Cincinnati Blue Ash meet each Thursday as a group called the English Conversation Group in room 107 at Progress Hall from 4 pm to 6 pm to practice and improve their English by playing games and doing activities that involve dialogue.

Practicing English is not the only benefit students can get out of the group but they can also make new friendships and connections.

Dalia Guzman-Salazar, a member of the group, likes to attend the meetings.  “We socialize and get to know other students on campus. I know more students because of it, and we greet each other in the hallways.”

The group first started meeting in the fall semester of 2017 in the writing center and has been meeting each week since then. Because of their number of attendees increasing and because of the size of the writing center, the group has moved to a new room in Progress Hall.

Students like engaging in activities together and making connections. When asked why she attends the meetings, Gaby Lopez said, “I’ve made more friends and learned different relaxation techniques when it comes to school stress.”

“We act, play games, and do communication activities,” said Hasan Addgrouni when asked what activities they do in English Conversation Group.

The group is made up of students from different countries and cultures. It’s a diverse group with members with a range of different skills and talents.

Everyone is welcome to come. The group is especially for students that learned English as their second language, but native English speakers are also highly encouraged to attend.

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