Latino culture is not new to UCBA’s campus, but its celebration through film is.

Many groups have been distinguished with movies on campus throughout the years like the French Film Festival, which you can read aboutm4-e1537966862643.jpg. That cannot be said for the Latinx Film Festival. The event is making its debut and here’s what you should know.

From September 15 to October 15, UC Blue Ash is holding a month-long celebration of Latinx history. The kickoff to celebrate began on September 17 in Muntz Hall. During the kickoff, coordinator of inclusion and involvement Molly Scruta welcomed students as they passed by to join in on the celebration and find more about events on campus. One of the ways in which Scruta recommended getting involved is through the organization, “Latinos in Accion”. The group offers a way for students to find support and resources, and create relationships between allies and Latino students themselves. Don’t be afraid to get involved yourself; everyone is welcome to join in and support the diverse group of students no matter your heritage.

A series of Latinx films were launched right after this celebration officially began — an event that is new to campus. Scruta selected specific films with the intent to expose students to true Latinx ideas and cultures. She consulted some students and posterssources to choose this year’s movies, and hopes that students will have a larger role in selecting films in the future.

The first film, Coco, was considered a success by the coordinator of the event. Twenty-Five students took interest in the multi award-winning film and Molly hopes for that number to keep growing as the month continues. You can look forward to watching the remaining movies in Muntz auditorium from 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm on select days. The current schedule consists of 500 Años on 9/25, Soy Nero on 10/5, Una Mujer Fantástica on 10/9, and Pelo Malo on 10/16.

Along with the succession of movies, UC Blue Ash will be hosting Latinx-owned food trucks that can be found locally. A Venezuelan food truck called “Empanadas Aqui” is one 1of the first that will be on campus. The truck was created through a longing for homemade food by the Venezuela natives and has been running for 4 years. Click here and explore your options before the truck heads to campus in the approaching weeks. You can also expect to see Taste of Mexico and Tacos Locos on campus in the future for the remainder of the celebration. Buy food from these authentic cooks every Thursday starting on September 20 and ending with the final truck on October 18. They will be available at 11:00 am till 1:00 pm in the bus circle on Blue Ash’s campus.

Join in on the celebrations ahead and support one of the diverse communities of UC Blue Ash College.