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UC Blue Ash Tuition not to Rise with 2019-2020 University of Cincinnati Tuition Increase


The University of Cincinnati tuition is increasing for the 2019-2020 school year. This is the first time UC has raised its tuition in almost five years. The new rates have not been set, but they are not allowed to raise tuition above six percent. Here is the estimated increase so far:

Before Estimated New
UC Tuition $11,000 $11,660

UC Blue Ash and UC Clermont tuition will not be increased this year. The main way that UCBA students will be affected is when transitioning to main campus. If this budget passes, then Clifton campus tuition will be almost double that of UC Blue Ash, leaving many students a huge gap to overcome.

However, UC is going forward with a tuition guarantee model. The website says that this model is for “new, degree seeking first year and transfer student enrolling at Uptown or regional campus beginning with the fall 2019 semester.” Incoming students pursuing degrees should qualify under this tuition guarantee. Their tuition costs will remain the same for the length of their program, about 4-5 years. The UC Board of Trustees plans to approve and finalize this program by May 1, 2019.

At this point, it is not known how the guarantee will apply to transition students or students who graduate from a regional campus before transitioning. OneStop and Admissions Office are currently unsure of how this model will apply to transitioning students. This is expected to be determined at the May 1 meeting.

Exact cost of tuition and accompanying details will be determined at the Board of Trustees meeting on April 23, 2019, according to OneStop. The tuition guarantee will be proposed during the meeting. The finalized details will be made available to One Stop and will be posted on the UC website. Until then, students should direct their questions to One Stop, the admissions office, or their advisor.

UC Blue Ash faculty have heard that some money from tuition increases will be applied toward student scholarships. The remaining amount will go towards a presidential fund for UC’s president to support special projects of his choosing, according to UCBA History Professor Dr. John McNay, an at-large faculty senator.

Clifton One Stop office says that some of the additional tuition will be applied to student fees such as instructional, general, campus life, and information technology and instructional equipment. Additional programs fees, charges specific to each college based on their needs, might also be part of the increase. The student body votes on and approves the campus life fee, which will go toward recreation and programs for students at main campus.

However, almost all of student fees goes towards the athletics department, amounting to nearly $950 per year. UCBA’s Dr. John McNay believes there are more beneficial uses for this money, such as transitioning adjunct professors into full-time faculty. He favors returning the revenue to the college and its students, not just funding projects to create headlines.

A changing budget always affects everyone. The current primary response from UC Blue Ash students is confusion.

Students are uncertain of how this increase will affect their transition and financial standing. Faculty are puzzled on its impact as well. Hopefully this tuition increase will lead to positive benefits for students and the university, including those here at UC Blue Ash.

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