Don’t Be Scared, Be Aware: Top 5 Dog Breeds Claimed Aggressive


There are some cases where the animal breed is aggressive. This does not necessarily mean that an animal itself should be claimed to be aggressive.

By Rhani Cunningham, Ana Hagerty, and Bethany Hayes

We look at the top 5 dog breeds perceived to be aggressive and let you know how aggressive each breed actually is.

  • Pitbull

Pitbulls were said to be claimed number 1 aggressive. Pitbulls are also the number one dog on a prohibited list where household insurance does not cover the homeowner’s liability for dog bites. This breed has a vicious exterior but if trained right can be an amazing dog. Some are even born with loving personalities.


Banned From: Ohio, Arkansas, Missouri, Iowa and 100% of home insurance lists

  • German Shepherd

Not many people would think German Shepherds are aggressive but their breed technically is. You tend to have to work with these dogs at a younger age to correct their behavior. This breed is very successful in doing jobs. A handful of selectively picked dogs work in the K-9 Unit with the police.

Banned from: Louisiana, Iowa, Michigan and 36% of home insurance lists

  • Boxers

The breed of boxers has been known to be aggressive in some cases.  If boxers are aggressive, it is mostly toward other animals. This breed is usually known for getting in dog fights.

Banned from: Michigan and 14% of home insurance lists

  • Rottweiler

Rottweilers have been known to be protection dogs.  From a first glance, these dogs seem scary. Under their scary exterior, many are great big babies to love.

Banned from: Iowa, Missouri, Louisiana, Kansas, Kentucky and 100% of home insurance lists

  • Doberman

Dobermans are another breed known as protection dogs, but they can also be sweet. If you train this breed correctly, they can be very loyal to their owners.

Banned from: Kansas, Missouri and 75% of home insurance lists

It is very ironic because even though these dogs are portrayed as some of the most aggressive dogs, studies have shown that none of these dogs make the top five dangerous or meanest breed of dog. In fact, it is typically more common for smaller dogs to show aggressive kind behavior. The reason why this is that smaller dogs may feel threatened by others because of their size. They become protective of themselves and this is why people have to work with smaller dogs.

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