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Top Ten #relatable SpongeBob Quotes


You know that feeling when a character says something that just hits you right in the feels?

By Gavin Bedinghaus, James Henkel, LaQuyn McLaughlin, and Sam Wulfekotter

SpongeBob SquarePants is a show like none other where children and adults alike can sit down and enjoy the silly yellow sponge on his wacky adventures with Patrick Star and Squidward Tentacles. But sometimes the show got too real. Today we are highlighting those moments with the top 10 most relatable quotes from SpongeBob SquarePants.


SpongeBob S2 E1

Starting out the list we have SpongeBob climbing atop his roof and screaming into the heavens “I’M UGLY AND I’M PROUD,” finally happy with who he is. While we might not scream at our lovely neighbors we have definitely felt ugly and proud from time to time.

#9 “Is this one any better Squidward? I made it with my tears.” SpongeBob S2 E4

Awww yes, you know that time where you just try your absolute hardest but even that isn’t good enough? SpongeBob knows and so does his eyelash sweater.

#8 “Are you going to listen to a big dummy … or are you going to listen to me?”

Patrick Star S1 E20

Coming in at number eight we have Patrick going against all rules, easily persuading SpongeBob into riding on the hooks, even after Mr. Krabs told the two young fish they weren’t allowed to go near the hooks at all. The next day Patrick wasn’t having it and gave all the fun examples he could think of riding on hooks, and called Mr Krabs a big dummy. While SpongeBob kept trying to change the subject, Patrick, pointing proudly to himself, says: “Look, are you going to listen to a big dummy… or are you going to listen to me?” SpongeBob doesn’t know how to answer that question of course. In so many ways this is relatable. There is always that one person that thinks they know everything and would rather get away with what they want to do instead of listening to rules.

#7 “I’ve gotta embrace the marble! I’ve gotta sniff the marble. I gotta lick the marble. I’ve gotta wash the marble! I’ve gotta date the marble. I’VE GOTTA BE THE MARBLE!”

SpongeBob S2 E18

At number 7, we have all the steps required for SpongeBob to begin the almighty task of creating a work of absolute beauty. You may have not dated that paper you were excited to write, but you have definitely felt the same motivation and ended up becoming the paper.

#6 “Hello you’ve reached the house of unrecognized talent.”

Squidward S2 E15

We all feel this from time to time. You try and try and try to put yourself out there and finally get the recognition you deserve. But alas it never comes. Eventually every aspect of your life becomes you trying to get known, to the extent that even a random phone call is an opportunity to let people know of your talent.

#5 “Oh no he’s hot!”

Squidward S3 E8

Starting out the top 5, we have a quote that is the subject of a lot of memes but is also quite relatable. In a moment of panic you try to calm yourself but in trying to do so you realize something. OH NO HE’S HOT. You remember something and find out you’re even more screwed than you thought you were before.

#4 “I went to college!”

Plankton S1 E3

As the years go by, it feels as though a prestigious college degree becomes more and more worthless. Plankton … we feel your pain.

#3 “You used me … For land development!” 

SpongeBob S1 E18

Life can be very deceiving, especially when your heart is so new to experiences and trust. In this episode SpongeBob was tricked by Plankton into a false relationship. Plankton drives SpongeBob to be destructive on the beach and eventually drives everyone away. It is all a part of Plankton’s plan to start construction on his own business. And that’s when SpongeBob figures out that’s all he’s good for, he breaks out in tears and says, “You used me…. For land development!” This is very relatable because people tend to use each other every day to their own advantage, whether it’s at work or at home or at a public place, almost everyone has gotten tricked into doing something they didn’t know was wrong or something that no one else wanted to do. When the trickery is figured out, it can lead to loss of trust.

#2 “That smell. A kind of smelly smell. A smelly smell that smells…smelly.”

Mr. Krabs S1 E1

Even in the first episode, SpongeBob SquarePants had both memorable and relatable quotes.  I often find myself saying this one out loud when I know something is afoot. A book slightly ajar, a paper missing from your desk. Something’s wrong and it smells … smelly.

#1 “Here, please hit me as hard as you can … Don’t hold back.”

Squidward S2 E16

Squidward really is the all star when it comes to relatable quotes. You know those days when your little sibling or just people in general are really annoying every single fiber of your being? Well you’ve probably felt just like Squidward working the night shift with his “friend” SpongeBob, where even a clean swing from a baseball bat is better than hearing “taking out the trash at night” again.

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