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Don’t Dread, Plan Ahead!


Students at UC Blue Ash come from all walks of life, but when it comes to the impending doom of finals week, every student can relate. Everyone has their own coping mechanisms and study techniques. Some prefer procrastinating and some plan ahead to prevent “cramming” all their studying into one very long night.

2019 Student Ambassadors

A handful of student ambassadors have shared their tips for finals week and preventing the inevitable stress that comes when you sit down to take your first college-level final. “I have been listening to calm, instrumental music to help me stay focused,” shares Duha Lutfieh, who majors in Early Childhood Education. “I have also booked study rooms to use the white boards to go over examples and study my vocabulary words.” 

Kendyll Dicker, psychology major, says that she is preparing to make flash cards, reread chapters, talk to professors, and ask questions. “This helps me tie up any loose ends on my part, so I know exactly what to study for and how to organize myself,” she explains. In fact, this is awesome advice. Asking professors questions and being open about what you don’t understand is the first step in being successful in academics.

Duha studies in the Foreign Language Lab

Remember to be kind to yourself and plan ahead. Do not save all your studying for the day before the exam, otherwise your stress levels will skyrocket. Josh King, another ambassador, plans on studying ahead of time. “This will give me time to sleep and take care of my mental health so I can be at my best for finals,” he says. 

You are not alone in your worries for finals and grades. Just remember to study ahead of time, get good amounts of sleep, and find a learning process that works for you. Take this final message from Duha, “Good luck to all students. I wish you all a very amazing winter break, because you have earned it!

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