A Country Divided


I don’t enjoy politics, but I believe they’re important.

However, I think politics in this country is very messed up and shady these days and I believe we need to reform our government. It is important to view both sides of each argument and see where both sides come from before reaching a decision, but supporting either Republican or Democrat solely on the basis of just not supporting the other party is one of the dumbest problems plaguing our political system.

We have been a democratic country for only a little less than 250 years and I think we need to restructure our government to fit this day and age. There have been many big problems in this country in recent years and we’ve become more and more divided over ‘hot’ issues. We need a system that benefits as much people as possible, without regard to who they are or what situation they’re in.

One of the steps we could do to move towards this solution is stop worrying about what’s going on outside our country. We need to first be able to solve the issues at home before we can do what we need to abroad. Another step we can take to unifying our country is possibly creating a fourth branch of government that focuses very specifically on addressing the demographic issues in our country and work towards solving issues at home by doing that. It would work with our government because laws would be created via the Legislative branch, approved by the Executive branch, and upheld by the Judicial branch.

Once we solve the issues at hand and unify our great country, then will we be able to help other countries out and play a bigger role globally. I also believe that the media should be less bias than it is nowadays and cover all sides of an issue. In many media sources today it seems a lot of what’s being covered usually leans towards one side rather than remaining on the straight and narrow path that is the whole and unbiased truth. I do believe politics is an important thing to be aware of and the major steps we need to take to be a better country is to worry about the homestead rather than what’s going on in other places.

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