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From Student Worker to Library Director: Heather’s Journey and Her Time at UC


Heather Maloney, Library Director at UC Blue Ash, has a passion for providing students with resources that are easily accessible on our campus.

“Students should know that they can come to the library and ask about anything; we are resourceful,” says Maloney. The library is well-equipped to help students with all types of projects and research. There are traditional books, as well as several computers; desktops in the library and laptops can be checked out.

Maloney began attending the University of Cincinnati Uptown campus, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in English literature. She originally began her studies with a focus in business, but after obtaining a student position at Langsam Library, her interests began to shift.

“It was a situation where I was allowed to explore aspects of the career,” says Maloney, who worked at the library from her freshman to her senior year. Her willingness to come into work early made her much more eligible for being hired than other students who weren’t available in the morning.

students study in a library
Networking and meeting supportive people were other positive aspects of her time at the library as an undergraduate, and the people she developed relationships with mentored her and even wrote letters of recommendation.

Maloney’s experience at Langsam Library motivated her to continue onto graduate school where she obtained her master’s in library sciences at the University of Kentucky. She commuted from Cincinnati to Lexington and worked as a librarian at a law firm in Cincinnati while going to grad school.

Ever since her she finished graduate school in 2001, she has been working at the UC Blue Ash library. Now she can mentor students just like herself. There are typically 8 to 10 student workers at any given time in the library. This is an opportunity that not only helps financially lift the burden off students, but also provides  great experience, as Maloney knows so well.

Learn more about the exciting things happening at the library this semester and remember to use the library to study in a quiet space and check out the resources available to you!

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