UCBA Coronavirus Stories: My Life during the Pandemic


This pandemic has taught me to never take life for granted. I am usually the type of person who who does not mind staying in the house, but when you are forced to stay in the house that what make you want to go outside. The times that I have been outside have been really scary seeing everyone with their mask and gloves on because I would have never thought that something like this can affect everything around us.

It happened in the blink of an eye. It made me feel like I can’t trust anyone around me because people don’t know if they have it. But I always make sure that I go check on my grandparents and always tell them that if they have to go some where to make sure that they wear mask and gloves.

One of the biggest things that affected me was them shutting down our college and putting everything online. Actually getting up and going to my classes encouraged me to become more engaged with my classmates and my professors. Also for some of my classes my work seem to have gotten harder for me to do on my own, even with some of my professors doing the little web cam. It can be difficult to follow through with sometimes.

For others, the biggest impact has come from losing jobs. A lot of people around me have lost their jobs due to this situation, and even though they told people to not worry about their rent and stuff and made transportation free for a while, I think that it is still going to affect them when this is all over.

People still have kids that they have to feed, so if they are no longer getting paid anymore, how can they take care of their family? They do have places that still open that are providing the kids with their school lunch but parents are not always taking advantages of it. In the household that I live in, they make sure that they get my nieces and nephew up every morning to go get their breakfast.

Also with a lot of these kids being out of school until May 1, some of these kids are not doing any school work they just outside playing with their friends. Parents who have young children could at least print some learning papers online to at least try to keep them engaged on how to do things but they think that just because they are young that this want affect them as much. But that’s not true it can affect everyone not in school like it is currently affecting me now.

I just pray that everyone who has been affected by this have a speedy recovery so that they can return home to their family and hopefully when this is all over everyone can go back to living their normal lives but at the rate we are going this could take a while.

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