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Why Does Everyone Hate Running?


“Ew I hate running” is a very common statement said by the seemingly vast majority of people. From athletes to NARPs (non-athletic regular person), most people seem to hate running. Despite this fact, I love to run. Throughout my time spent being classified as a “runner”, I have found that runners tend to live in their own running loving bubbles, and this realization has led me to the question, “why does everyone hate to run”? Much like myself, the small population of those who love to run often like to voice their love for their hobby. Meredith M. a club collegiate runner for the University of Notre Dame, and a close friend of mine states, “running is my therapy”. Meredith went on to explain, she uses running not only as a source of daily exercise but as a time to free her mind and detach herself from her day-to-day life stressors. Going for a run can help alleviate stress and give your mind time to breathe. Meredith also shared how her teammates all share a bond with each other through their love for running, “we all lean on each other for support, whether it’s during a long run in practice or a race, I need my teammates to get through it”. Runners are very supportive of each other, as they need to be to get through the pain of the sport. 

From personal experience, and speaking with Meredith, I was able to come to the realization that runners form a sense of unity within each other. With the act of running relying on both self and team accountability, runners are quick to learn the importance of self-health and maintaining team relationships. Queen City Running, a store near my house that sells all things running, holds a running group “meeting” a couple of times a week for runners to meet and enjoy their sport together. Trisha, a member of the running group shared with me how much becoming a runner has changed her life, “running taught me how to love myself again, as well as hold appreciation in the need for others to help me through the tough times”. Speaking with Trisha reminded me how running helped open my mind to the impact our words of encouragement or kindness may have on those around us. 

Now, I find myself still faced with the question, “why does everyone hate to run”? Since, I have now met many others who enjoy the sport of running just as much as I do (maybe even more), I see there are many reasons to love running, some I wasn’t able to realize on my own. I believe so many people hate running because they aren’t yet enlightened with the joys of being a runner. 

By Kira Weil, Activist writer

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