There is no Free Lunch


“There is no free lunch” that of course is not fully true because you may every once and while get a free lunch, on your birthday or what not. However, most people know what the saying really means. That one must work to achieve what it is they desire because no one is going to hand to you. The sooner an individual accepts that life is full of discomfort and hard work the better off they’ll be. If you desire to achieve a happy long-lasting relationship you must work for it. If there is anything worth having in this life you will most likely in one way or another work for it. But what can one do? Do they wake up and decide they are going to push themselves to work harder from now on. They can. Or they could consider these 4 things that will guide them in the right direction, 4 simple things will save you time, change your mindset, and reduce your stress.

  1. Always make your bed in the morning
    • You may be wondering what this has to do with being a hard worker and pushing yourself every day. Navy Seal Admiral McRaven speaks to this matter specifically and this idea of always making your bed can be somewhat challenging, it is the morning, you don’t want to deal with it, and you just want to make it to work on time. To make that mental decision and to make your bed though is the first challenge of the day and if you can do that you will always start the day with one less challenge. This is just a small part of Admiral McRaven’s speech he speaks on so many other great topics and life lesson and everyone should watch it at some point.
  2. Just Get it over with
    • Procrastination is something everyone deals with at some point, some more than others. According to Joseph Ferrari a professor of psychology and Vincent DePaul Distinguished Professor at DePaul University in Chicago all people procrastinate. However he states that a whopping 20% of U.S. adults are chronic procrastinators. But procrastination can be wasteful and stressful. So why do we do it? According to Mel Robbins it is a reaction to stress itself, one doesn’t want to feel stressed, so they put off the things that make them feel stressed. But as I’ve mentioned this can cause more stress! It never ends! So how do we fix this, “just get it over with”. Mel Robbins recommends that you acknowledge what is stressing you out count down from 5, and then do it for 5 minutes. What most will find is that they will work for more than 5 minutes.
  3. Goal Setting
    • Goal setting is important, to anyone wishing to fulfill anything. Most people have a vision for their life, but there is no way of ever achieving this if there are not goals put in place to get there and those goals can be hard to reach if they aren’t worked towards. Procrastination can play a role in not reaching these goals, however. To mitigate this an individual can set daily goals to eventually obtain this much larger goal. What people will find after setting goals day after day is that they become much closer to their goals than they ever thought they’d be. Check out this video on goal setting.
  4. Time Management
    • Time management is important in everyone’s daily life and can add stress to the day because it seems like there is never enough time. Some people may spend more time prioritizing tasks vs doing the actual tasks. Try quickly prioritizing your tasks, emails, or chores in buckets. Randomly doing things in the most important bucket then the less important bucket and the last of course. This saves time prioritizing, give more time for the actual task and of course rest. Some of this may not seem to be associated with hard work but these small strategies will give you more time, reduce stress, and improve efficiency. This will give the outside perspective of working hard, and may seem consciously as hard work, but will eventually become normal and will no longer feel as such. What you will find is that you will be working much more efficiently and effectively.

By Chase McConnehea

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