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Top 10 Places to Study on the UCBA Campus


We all have to study but never want to. However these next 10 beautiful places may just make studying be the most enjoyable part of your day.


1. Library

Well known to all parents and college students alike, the library starts this list for the top 10 best study spots on campus. It seems like an obvious location, yes, but it’s a location many students overlook. The UCBA library isn’t just a library. It’s so much more. Within the UCBA library, there are 3 extremely long wave like tables that up to 10 students can sit at, at a time. That gives space for 30 people and if being next to someone isn’t your thing, there are also several private rooms that students can rent out for 1 hour increments. With silence being a mandatory in a library and with everyone working diligently on homework, there isn’t a better place to study on campus.

Wooden study area

2. Outdoor Sitting Area Outside of The Cafeteria

Right by the library, through the windows, you’ll notice a large wooden structure straight from the modern year of 2020. Under this structure there are more chairs and tables than one can count. Whether you like the outdoors or not, you should definitely try this place out considering 100% of it is covered and therefore shaded. Wind blowing all your papers away is not a problem either since the giant wooden walls deflect the wind. A beautiful outdoor atmosphere in a nearly indoor climate environment. What’s not to love?

the jungle.jpg

3. Sitting Area In The Cafeteria

So you’ve tried the library and decided it was too quiet. You’ve tried the outdoor area and found the sun just slightly unbearable. Well here’s the place for you if you hate both. Nicknamed “The Jungle” this crazy environment will be sure to keep you on your toes. This environment located just to the left of the cafe’ and right outside the library offers nearly unlimited seating and unlimited friends. While this may not be the most quiet place to work, it is one of the most productive considering how many minds are around you. Stuck on a problem? Just ask one of the hundred people around you and one is sure to help you out!

Computer Lab.jpg

4. Computer Lab

So the jungle was a bit too rough for you and now you want to try the peace and quiet for a bit. Well the computer lab is the place for you. Located directly across the library, the computer lab gives students the opportunity to have a dual monitor set up while studying which can make learning very easy. The computer lab is open most hours of the  day and there’s always a seat open when you go.


5. Third Story of Walters Hall

Alright so this next one is a bit odd but just stay open minded for a minute. In the third story of Walters Hall, there are 3 locations you can study at. The first location is a bit of a hidden gem. Located directly behind the stairs, yes the ones where there’s nothing behind, there are some couches and chairs placed neatly on the catwalk right beside the elevator. The couches offer a window seat with a great view of the entire campus, and since many people don’t know about the spot, it’s usually quiet. The second location is down the hall a ways to where the hall becomes an “S” shape. At that “S” shape, if you look to your left, you will notice 2 chairs as well as 2 couches. This spot is nice because it offers the comfort of a couch with many seats available but since it is at the corner of a busy intersection of the hallway, things can get a bit loud. The third and final place is a single couch located at the doorway of the back glass stairwell. Nearly no one knows about this couch so enjoy comfort on your own terms with nothing but golden silence. You’re welcome!

progress hall

6. Outdoor Sitting Area by Progress Hall

Ah yes! The newly built hall had to be somewhere on this list. Completed in 2017, this hall offers 2 outdoor study areas with several options for seating. The newly built and modern study areas offer a front or side seating position relative to the building, depending if you want to be next to the noisy flow of traffic or away from it. The tables work nicely for spreading materials out but since it is outdoors and right next to the building, the unfortunate position of the sun in the afternoons makes shade impossible to come by so dress in the least amount of clothing you can on those hot days!

the secret garden.jpg

7. Forest Area Between Muntz and Walters Hall

The secret garden as I like to call it is perhaps the most beautiful place on this entire list. Comprised of a hundred foot stretch of nothing but cool stone seating and more trees than you can count, this area will make you feel like you’re in the world of Avatar for a split second. This area features 100% shade and 0% humidity. The trees truly make everything feel so much more tranquil and you can even say that time seems to go slower there. No matter how stressed out you are, this place will be sure to leave you in a state of nirvana. The students are quiet and wifi is at a generous 4 bars so get going!

Muntz hall.jpg

8. Second and Third Story of Muntz Hall

As with the third story of Walters Hall, Muntz Hall offers the same package. Located in the direct middle of the building on both the second and third stories, this location offers more than ample seating. If the lot does happen to be full though, go to the central stairwell by the bathrooms and you will find 2 more tables for you to stress out over college on. But if you don’t want anyone seeing you spill tears on your laminated note cards then I suggest going to the far edge of the building by the elementary school where you will find 2 plush couches that absorb water well. Happy studies!

outdoor muntz.jpg

9. Under the Muntz Arch

In what used to be the smoking area, the sitting area below Muntz arch is now full of large seats and tables. Many students gather here with friends to go over homework assignments but if you look closely, there are also areas to go and study alone. The only downside to this place is that it does tend to get quite busy and since it is within the courtyard of a building, the sound bounces off the walls like crazy. But if you’re good at blocking outside distractions then this place is for you.


10. Empty Classroom

When in doubt, make your own study space, with how many rooms and few student there are in the afternoons, the chances of finding an empty classroom all to yourself after 12 o’clock in the afternoon are pretty high. The nice thing about having your own class room is you can study with the lights on or off, you have an entire blackboard to yourself and if you close the door, you can enter in a learning environment without any gray noise or distractions.

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