Should Planned Parenthood Continue to be Funded by the Government?


By Sarah Schwartzenberger


Planned Parenthood provides numerous health tests and cancer screenings every single day. A major question growing throughout society is whether or not the federal government should continue to fund it. Health care systems around the nation are continuously fluctuating every hour of every day. Sometimes it can be hard for people to bring themselves to admitting they need to be tested for an STD. It may also be difficult for some people to make rational decisions on whether or not they need the essentials and benefits that can be available through the health care system. On April 8, 2011, the United States Federal Government nearly shut down because the Democrats and Republicans struggled to agree upon, among other issues, what to do about funding Planned Parenthood. Although this organization may provide helpful tips as well as tests that could be rewarding, many are in an uproar on whether or not the government should continue to fund the program.

Planned Parenthood becomes an expense for every taxpayer. A big chunk of money goes into the non-profit company. With all the money circling around the organization, Planned Parenthood becomes a billion dollar expense to citizens. Many Americans also mention ideas along the lines of how it becomes unfair to taxpayers that give their money to organizations like Planned Parenthood that they may not agree with in any way, shape, or form.

From the opposite viewpoint, should the government continue to fund Planned Parenthood because of the useful tests and screening being provided to everyone? The government should acceptingly fund Planned Parenthood for all the beneficial services provided, not because of abortions. Not only does Planned Parenthood help women, but the organization also provides services for men. The government funding tremendously assists the organization by making it possible for it to provide the basic health care needs for everyday men and women. Therefore it being a useful and accommodating service.

How do people feel about Planned Parenthood? Results from a simple “yes or no” questionnaire show how your average American feels about Planned Parenthood. The survey eventually asked: “Do you think abortion is OK?” Ten percent said yes and ninety percent said no. Of this group, most of whom do not think abortion is OK, there was still substantial support for Planned Parenthood.

The first question was, “Do you have a good understanding of what Planned Parenthood is?”, and those who answered no were not included in the results. There were a total of 10 respondents, male and female. The next question was, “Are you aware of the services performed by Planned Parenthood?” Everyone surveyed answered yes, stating they had knowledge on the services provided through Planned Parenthood. The survey then continued to ask, “Do you think there are benefits that come from Planned Parenthood?” Eighty percent said yes, while twenty percent said no. It was then asked, “Have you ever been involved in any type of form of Planned Parenthood?” Sixty percent said yes and forty percent said no. The next question was, “Are you aware that Planned Parenthood offers and provides abortions?” The results showed one hundred percent were aware. The question about support of abortion was asked next. The last question asked was, “Do you think the federal government should continue to fund Planned Parenthood?” Seventy percent said yes, while thirty percent said no. Overall the results shifted a little bit towards the side of the understanding that the government should in fact continue to fund Planned Parenthood, even though most respondents to this survey do not think abortion is OK. This survey helps to give an understanding of what the common person feels about the issue presented, and for most questions, the answers were pretty evenly split.

Government funding not only helps with those who may not be able to afford heath care, but also those in need of cancer screenings, HIV/STD tests or even the generic form of birth control. The organization gives helpful feedback on potentially serious issues that could be occurring in someone’s life. Not only does it provide these essential needs, but it also gives information on parental guidance, specific adoption requirements, tips and helpful information. Even though Planned Parenthood provides all these useful concepts, there is an understanding of the fact that people should have the right to choose where they want their tax money to go and where they don’t.

I want to provide an understanding of both viewpoints and be able to help make a valid solution appealing to both sides. I think that Planned Parenthood should still be federally funded, but not in the case of abortion. Money should be going towards the tests and screenings that are currently provided by Planned Parenthood as well as most of the other things already provided, but absolutely, under no circumstance, should any tax dollars, especially from those who are against the organization, be going toward the funding of abortion. That way the good things coming out of Planned Parenthood are still attainable to those in need, but the more unjust things are not.

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