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I believe that people’s opinions are a part of themselves, which includes their upbringing and environment, as well as their values. When I thought about what to include in my opinion piece, I asked myself: Who would share in my values? The characteristics that I value include industriousness, individuality and ambition. Those that work hard are unique and those that have a passion for what they do, can earn my respect. However, when I attend classes, I do not see everyone abiding by the same work ethic that I follow: students are distracted, unfocused, and undisciplined.

Therefore, my opinion revolves around the apathy I feel on a daily basis at this university. I see it in the hallways, where students care only for themselves and pay attention only to their devices. I see this indifference in the classrooms, where students decide to use their personal devices for their own entertainment, rather than use them to their benefit. I see the disrespect given to the hard-working professors every day, when students walk out of classrooms because they themselves decided the lesson was over and that the world revolves around them. I see students become frustrated at the educational process because of their desire to do what they want to do, which is to not care and not do anything to contribute to the fifty-five minute to three hour lecture. They just keep browsing their phones, social media accounts, online-shopping sites and doing the work they need to do at the last possible second. In this frantic assembly of half-assed effort, students manage to contribute little to nothing to the class by bringing a fraction of what they were supposed to complete.

Graduating students with the word "success"

Hard work leads to success.

It is my opinion that people will not change unless they want to. There cannot be some outside party who persuades someone to change their behavior. This incoming generation believes that minimal effort will yield maximum reward. Those people that have a sense of entitlement, who believe they can cheat, bribe and scam their way through college, have no sense of responsibility and self-discipline. I know this because in my first spring semester, right before a midterm over six chapters of sociology, a student attempted to bribe me, so they could cheat off of me and use my answers. I was appalled that another student would make an attempt to buy me and think my effort and dedication could be equivalent to money. I did not, nor would I ever, be included in this belief that money can be a satisfactory replacement for their inability to be responsible. In this same class, students who would be doing homework for another course would attempt to lecture me on personal responsibility. This was while I was making a contribution to the discussion that was covering education and parenting.

My opinion, then, is that people need to get themselves together and become self-aware of their position as students. I know many students who are making a great effort to improve themselves by being excellent students every day. Therefore, I know those students who know that they themselves are responsible and dedicated in their efforts, will take no offense to this article and the message it contains. To those that feel a sense of anger or frustration at this article’s message, consider reflecting on your own behavior.

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