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Punching Bags in Muntz? Students Could Have Fun and Reduce Stress


During the warmer half of spring and fall semester there are plenty of events outside to keep the students engaged but students (specifically those in Muntz Hall) have no sort of outlet for the winter months when they are stuck inside and have no space to engage and socialize with others without possible repercussions.

UCBA has a barren calendar for the months of January and February. One could insist on more events during these colder months. There aren’t many opportunities to keep the students engaged and morale up. UCBA isn’t known for providing an environment that helps engage students with other students but by providing more events it also provides a chance to socialize.

Even when events are held on campus, many students don’t know because it’s sent out in an email that students look over or its put on a flyer on a bulletin board that students don’t even look it. Events should be better advertised so that students that wish to may participate in them.

In the colder months more students are indoors and we don’t have very many activities to channel into when we’ve finished our work or just waiting for our next class.

On many occasions Campus Watch has been involved due to noise in the Community Commons of Muntz Hall and requested for the noise levels to go down.

One student said,”More events would maybe encourage students to come to school and enjoy the experience more and help reduce stress by providing some kind of outlet” when asked their opinion about more events.

There aren’t enough events that actually engage students outside of clubs or school sanctioned events.

One student suggested an event where punching bags are lined up down the main hall in Muntz for students to let out aggression. Another suggested a playstation or some other game system to connect to the TVs of the Community Commons for the enjoyment of the students. Another suggestion was to set up projectors and white screens to show movies for the students in the common area.

There was a suggestion for a graffiti event on large paper that could be hung up around campus where you could have sections for paint, oil pastels, watercolors, and markers.

In the warmer months there was also a suggestion for school sanctioned tailgates in the parking lot for the students.

Events can provide an experience for students and creates opportunities to socialize with other because it gives them a chance to engage and interact with other students and can provide a morale boost. Not only could more events boost morale, but they can also be a way to de-stress for the students depending on the event.

We won’t be able to create an engaging environment and provide more opportunities to socialize for students until we make more events that encourage students to do so.

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