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10 Things For Your Cincinnati Bucket List


  1. The Queen City’s Riverfront.                                                                                                                      Riverfront.jpg

First on the list, there’s the Ohio River. From Cincinnati’s riverfront, to Newport on the Levee, the view is stunning and gives you an excuse to walk across the iconic bridges that make up the view. Along the river there’s plenty of attractions like the Newport Aquarium, The Banks, and Sawyer Point, just to name a few. Cincinnati was nicknamed the Queen City for being the Queen of the Ohio River, and the name has only become truer with age. At the right time of year, the river and the city come alive.


  1. The Heart of Zinzinnati.                                                                                                               Octoberfest.jpg

Cincinnatians are well known for our brewing, our food, but most of all how to throw a party. Oktoberfest is important around here, and is only second in size to the festival held in Germany. The WEBN Fireworks are a must see, and the last party of summer. Then there is The Taste of Cincinnati, which has been a growing tradition in recent years, and is worth the stop. If you’re not in town for one of our festivals don’t worry!


  1. The One and Only.                                                                                                                         Skyline.jpg

There is nothing more Cincinnati than its chili, and nothing more iconic than the original location of Skyline Chili on Ludlow. For those new to the area brace yourself for chili on spaghetti and a mountain of cheese. Yes, they are called 3-ways and yes, they’re delicious! Some may say Gold Star is the same, other would walk away just for uttering those words. Less divisive is the love of sports.


  1. Got to Love an Underdog.                                                                                                                 153.JPG

Cincinnati is known for being first for many things, but we are very proud of the Reds. The Reds were the very first professional baseball team in the United States. Opening day is a must for the baseball lovers of the world, but Cincinnati doesn’t stop there. The Queen city also has the Bengals, and the Cyclones. FC Cincinnati has been growing in popularity as well, just make sure you root for Cincy if you go to a game. No one can deny, Cincinnati is alive all year, and not just in our amazing stadiums, food, and beer, but also with local music.


  1. Music, music, music.                                                                                                                     Short Vine.jpg

Bogart’s, Riverbend, Bunbury, the list goes on. Music is very important to this diverse city. Artists from across the country, and even the world, make stops in Cincinnati. Artists often talk about the great venues, and greater crowds after a performance.  Cincinnati may just sound like a college kid’s paradise, but it has more for families than anything else.


  1. Say Hi to Fiona!                                                                                                                               pooooop 260.jpg

The Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens are home to a very cute hippo named Fiona. Big animals aren’t the only sight worth seeing like gorgeous butterflies pictured above. Cincinnati’s zoo is recognized around the US and is a staple of summer activity for many families. Unknown to the non-natives, The Festival of Lights is an absolute must. For the holiday addicts that we are, the festival goes above and beyond, with the entire zoo decorated head to toe in lights. However, if you are looking for something quieter, Cincinnati has it.

  1. Classic is an Understatement.                                                                                                             Movie Theater.jpg

The Esquire Theater opened in 1911. Today the theater stands as a monument to the changes Cincinnati has gone through and still goes through. Cincinnati is ever growing, but still manages to hold on to the beautiful architecture and fascinating history. The Esquire itself is cozy, and every theater gives a personal viewing experience that no modern theatre could replicate. The theater shows local art films to movies straight from Hollywood. The Esquire has it all, and depending on your company, there is a bar in the back. The Esquire isn’t the only gem that has survived through the years, and has taken on new roles such as a live play stage, silent films, and now modern movies.


  1. On the Right Track.                                                                                                                                              Iphone stuff 312.jpg

Eight on the bucket list is The Cincinnati Museum Center, which was once Union Terminal, a magnificent train station. The museum contains many different exhibits, from art to science to history, it has something for you. Any resident of Cincinnati has been at least once, and once you walk in you’ll be captivated by its ingenuity, craftsmanship, and of course the cool IMAX theatre it has. Can’t find enough art here? Don’t worry.


  1. Art isn’t Dead, it just moved to Cincinnati.                                                                                                                  pooooop 228.jpg

Ninth on the bucket list, art museums. Cincinnati has more free ones than most places. Strapped for cash, the Contemporary Art Museum and The Cincinnati Art Museum are all FREE. Yes, you’re reading that right. There is so much to enjoy here, and Cincinnatians are happy to make it possible for anyone to love it here. Once you exhaust the free one’s we have many more. Of course, we save best for last.


  1. Be There or Be Square.                                                                                                                                  0216181149a.jpg

Fountain Square is last on the list. Its not about doing as much as experiencing. Fountain Square is the home to ice skating, and restaurants, and those sure are fun. Fountain Square has been an important location for Cincinnati. In recent years it has been the home to civil rights rallies, and other gatherings. Fountain Square is perhaps the most iconic locations to true Cincinnatians.

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