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Top 8 Binge-Worthy Netflix Shows According to UC Students


As people across the country, and the world, have been given “stay-at-home orders,” it was only inevitable that Netflix, Disney Plus, and Hulu would grow in new subscriptions. In fact, all three of these streaming services have seen increases in business since mid-March. But let’s face it, although Disney has a large hold on the market, Netflix is still doing great since the rise of Disney Plus.

In celebration of entertainment and tradition, let’s talk about UC students’ favorite binge-worthy Netflix shows that they have been addicted to since social distancing began.

8. The Office

This classic sit-com has been a beloved favorite for over a decade, since 2005. It is no surprise that students are still loving the cringe-worthy dialogue and crazy antics of our favorite office characters. The quick episodes and lighthearted feel make it perfect to ease stress and forget about our responsibilities. This one will remain a classic!

7. New Girl

This feel good comedy is a favorite among UC Blue Ash students. Jess, the spunky “new girl” to the apartment build relationships with her three unusual roommates. They become more than just roomies though. During their crazy, hilarious adventures, they become family.

6. Supernatural

This dark, spooky drama follows the adventures of two brothers who fight beasts, demons, monsters and more. Airing since September 2005, this show offers 15 seasons of fantasy and horror mixed into one. They keep the business of fighting supernatural beings in the family!

5. Vampire Diaries

Some families may have it rough, but when Stefan Salvatore turned his brother, Damon, into a vampire in 1864, a saga began of love, revenge, and vampires. Sound like Twilight – sort of. If you want drama and suspense, this is the perfect binge-worthy show for you.

4. Ozark

When a father moves his family from the bustling city to the Ozarks in Missouri, his motivation is to protect them, and himself from danger. This thriller and crime drama will have you on the edge of your seat.

3. YOU

Psychological thriller and drama, YOU explores the obsession and stalking that one man does to get to the people he is most infatuated with. This show has been a favorite among many college students with the many plot twists and the mysterious element of the show.

2. Tiger King

This unbelievable true story follows the lives of wild animal enthusiasts who take their love for animals into unexpected twists and turns including murderous plots, drugs, and death. With each episode comes more unbelievable events that will keep you glued to the screen.

1. Explained

This documentary series is the perfect, short, educational option to learn about new topics each episode. Constantly stay learning and informed on subjects like economics, culture, science, sports and more.

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