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Finals Prep: Top 10 “Hidden” Study Areas at UCBA


UCBA is becoming a very large college. With the growing number of students, it is becoming harder to find a study place on campus. The library is always filled and most seating in the resource lab is taken.  As you walk through campus here are the top “hidden” study spots.

  1.  Muntz first hallway

There’s a quiet study area at the end of the first hall when you walk in Muntz that is perfect for studying alone or with 1 to 2 other people. Not many people go to this spot unless they’re waiting for a class or happen to walk by it when using the stairs.


  1. The second floor of Muntz

On the 2nd floor of Muntz, there are three possible areas for studying. After coming up the main stairs and going to the right, there is an area that sections you off from other students that creates a good study environment. To the left of the stairs is another study area that always you to work by yourself or with a couple other people. At the end of the first hall is an area similar to the first and third floors. These areas experience frequent traffic but are quiet enough during classes to create a good study environment.


  1. The third floor of Muntz

On the third floor of Muntz, there are two areas good for studying. One is at the end of the first hallway and the other is next to the stairs. There’s frequent traffic in these areas due to classes but it’s relatively quiet between classes.


  1. First floor in Walters

This spot is a pretty commonplace that people use for studying and relaxing between their classes. It is located on the first floor in Walters Hall and is next to several big windows that give you a great view of UC Blue Ash’s campus. There are also several couches and comfy chairs that can make studying between class a little more enjoyable. It is also right next to the restroom which is perfect!


  1. Outside Walters

Outside Walter around the corner, there is a very quiet area with a picnic table and bench. If spring ever comes, this will be an excellent quiet hangout to do some studying before your next class.


  1. Progress Hall

When you walk into the Progress building at UC Blue Ash there is a great place for you to relax and study. It has two places where you can lay down and two chairs that also have a place to set your computer and books on, attached to them. This spot is also surrounded by windows so it feels very open and comfortable.


  1. Upstairs in Progress Hall

On the second floor of the Progress building right when you get off the stairs there is a cozy little spot that is normally pretty quiet which makes it the perfect space to study in. As you can see it also includes the chairs with the table attached them, which makes it easier for you to study and get your work done.


  1. Outside progress hall

As you exit Progress Hall there are a couple of round tables and chairs that overlook the wooded area of campus. This is the perfect spot to sit at while eating a snack and to study as you’re waiting for class.


  1. The common area

This may be a muddy mess right now but eventually this will be an excellent spot to study or eat lunch.


  1. Outside the vet tech building


On the far side of campus, there are two tables by the veterinary tech building that would be excellent for studying in nice weather. This is a very quiet part of campus where you can hear the birds chirping

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