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Review: Grown-ish Is a Relatable Hit for College Students


If you are familiar with the TV show Black-ish then you may know about the new spin-off hit Grown-ish. The main character of Grown-ish is 17 year old Zoey Johnson, who breaks off from her family as she starts her college journey. Grown-ish comes on ABC Family every Wednesday night at 8 PM.

The process of leaving the nest and venturing off to college may be challenging for the both parents and child.  As Zoey begins explore college life, viewers get to see a lot of real world aspects of college life. You get to see the aspects of friendships, racism, sexism, drugs, alcohol, sex, and relationships. These thing are totally relatable for college students. You may not always get to see these things first hand but you may hear about them. You may even witness the things in high school.

I think it is a great show and I highly recommend high school students and college students watch the show. I enjoy watching Grown-ish and it keeps me entertained.

Zoey is the main chain of the show but you get to meet several other characters such as her friends Ana, Nomi, Jazz, Sky, Aaron, Luca, and Cash. You get to see Zoey make friendships with all of her friends listened about while also ending up in a love square with Aaron, Luca, and Cash.

You get to see a few aspects listed unfold in the first three to four episodes. These are real world issue and situations that you may literally deal with in college and even possibly high school.

If you are a 90’s baby or older you may be familiar with TV shows such as A Different WorldThe Cosby Show; Moesha; Sister, Sister; and One on One. In these shows you got to watch one of the characters of the show grown up and go to college and deal with some of the same issues Zoey deals with. These shows and Grown-ish are related, and they’re relatable to college and high school students as well so if you may not have seen them before as well you may want to watch them also.

On a one to five star scale Grown-ish is a strong five stars. As a college student you get to witness the things going on in the show first hand and then get to see it on TV and think about how relatable it is to you. It also gives people who have not attended college or parents of a college student a glimpse of college life.

So check Out Grown-ish, event if you never watched Black-ish you can still watch Grown-ish or any of the other shows listen above.

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