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UCBA Needs a Gym


A gym on campus would boost students in and out of the classroom, bring a sense of community to UCBA, and also it helps control stress.

A gym on UCBA’s campus would be such a great thing for faculty, students and even the surrounding communities. Gyms are great place for people to come together outside of a “school setting” and take time off of stressing over the next assignment due. The gym is great way to zone-out anything that’s been going on in your day or week and allows you to focus on something not so demanding and more relaxing. Having something like this for everyone and being on campus would be defiant plus for everyone.

With a healthy mind and less stress this will help boost test scores inside the class room. There was a study done at Purdue University and it showed that the number of students who went to the gym at least 16 times in a month earned on average a GPA of 3.10 or higher. And the ones who didn’t earned a GPA of 3.06 or lower. So, something that takes just about an hour or so out of your day can impact your GPA and every college kid knows that your GPA is vital.

Generally, people who go to the gym are generally people who are trying to live healthier lifestyle. Fitness and healthy living is starting to become a more and more popular trend amongst people, so being able to introduce this lifestyle to the younger generation and or the generation that’s going to be around for a while helps. Also, this sense of community in the gym will bring students together without any awkwardness. It will be an easier environment for students to meet each other and or come together in groups to do some sort of activity.

Working out is more than just a physical thing. It’s also very mental, allowing yourself to escape by putting in your headphones and working out actually destress the body. You are allowing more oxygen to reach the brain and blood flow through the body. After sitting through multiple classes and lectures it’s always good to get some sort of physically activity going to allow blood flow and as well as a healthy heart and mind. With this sort of mindset to get up and move will help students inside the classroom. Stress can cause many sorts of anxiety, one that effects many students is test anxiety. Just taking that one hour out of your day helps reduce the feelings of test anxiety or any other anxiety.

Having a gym on UCBA’s campus has any positives and advantages for everyone that it would be shame to ignore this idea.





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