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Should You Take Summer Courses to Get Ahead?


Spring semester has come to an end and the buzz over final exams has ended with it. As some students begin to take a break from school, others are getting ready for summer courses.

Summer courses usually cover the same amount of material that is covered in full semester classes. Many students choose this route for three beneficial reasons. First, that it keeps you on track and ahead when earning your degree. Second, it offers smaller class sizes meaning more one-on-one instructor time. Finally, there are less distractions during the academic “off season”. With less classes to bombard you with and no college sporting events to attend, students have time and a clear head space to focus on their curriculum.

Full speed ahead.

When earning a degree, any college student knows that it takes time and devotion to your studies. Most students are enrolled in a four year degree program, and many take more time than that when switching majors or taking time off. Summer classes offer a quicker route. A whole semester usually overlooked as “vacation” time, can cut your total semesters in half!

Get your degree in half the time.

Many students can vouch for the dreaded “summer fever”. This typically occurs at the beginning of the spring semester, and lasts until the end of the following fall semester! Symptoms include, a loss of academic determination, and a longing for the end of the term. It is followed by fall “fall-out,” you know the feeling, when the new semester starts and you’ve lost critical knowledge during the long break. Let’s face it, no one really studies over summer break unless you are a complete psychopath (joking). Summer classes completely squash this dreaded fever. When enrolling in summer classes, students won’t experience the loss of determination, as it is needed to get them through their newly enrolled courses. Fall “fallout” is vanquished, as studies have proceeded through the warm months, keeping the brain fully engaged all school year long.

Some Students need a little TLC.

When enrolling in summer courses, there is one major benefit that is often over-looked. Summer classes aren’t popular, and this means that class sizes are dramatically smaller. Discussions are more engaging and you are expected to participate. It also means that there is more time for time for one-on-one study. Instructors can be more devoted to individual students, making that A, that much easier.

Finally, without the usual hustle and bustle of the school year, students have time and energy to focus on their academics. March madness has just ended, and the football season doesn’t start until September. Use this time to devote to studies instead of mindless sunbathing. With only a few hours of classes and studying a week, a student can enjoy summer while getting ahead in academics.

a group of four students sits on the grass on the UCBA campus

Students gather outside during warmer weather.

Graduation is visible over the horizon, and college academics are no joke (they aren’t cheap either). You have gotten “summer vacations” your entire academic life, from kindergarten- 12th grade. Don’t you think it’s time to grow out of summer breaks? Use this time in college wisely. Devote to your studies and get ahead of the game. Make your summer count.

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