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Don’t Be That Guy


Welcome to UCBA and good luck as you start off the new semester.  We hope that you will do well and become a student who really stands out in all of your classes.   Allow us to give you some friendly advice to help you avoid standing out for the wrong reasons. What follows are eight unwritten rules you won’t find on the UCBA website or in any syllabus, but rules that are important nonetheless to keep you from being “that guy.”

The Cell Phone Zombie – Cell phones have become, literally, a part of us, and as the title suggests we sometimes need them like brains.  You can use your phone outside of class and no one cares, until you walk into them. Don’t walk around with your face in your phone and make people move around you; that will not help you make friends, and only make people like you less!  The other person that will dislike your phone the most is a teacher! If you do not like being singled out and reprimanded like a teenager in high school, then while you are in class the best place for your phone is on silent and in your pocket.

The Seat Stealer – We think you should know that the first few days of class are vital in establishing the seating arrangement. Wherever you sit that first day is where you’ll stay every time you have class, so we suggest you choose wisely.  Once a seat has been claimed on the first day, movement to another seat is severely frowned upon by your fellow students. If you join a class late, after the first day, you need to be cautious before you sit down. Be sure you find an “unclaimed” seat to avoid being that guy who steals someone else’s!

The Group Project Ghost – There is no doubt that you will have group projects in your classes. Group projects can be efficient and fun when everyone collaborates. Don’t be that guy that goes into ghost mode the entire time, not pulling their weight, and worst yet disappearing on presentation day.   A good tip is to check in at the beginning, half way, and almost at the end. Doing this will let the group know that you are alive and show that you are being collaborative.

The (Parking) Space Waster – As you may have already noticed, parking on UCBA campus can be tricky.  Most of us park where our last class is, so we can get out promptly without issues. Even if there seems to be plenty of spots when you pull in, keep in mind that the lots get completely full at certain times of the day.  Pull your car in straight to avoid being that guy that parks crooked, taking up multiple parking spots.

The Discussion Board Troll – In just about every class, you will be expected to participate in online discussions where you will comment on the posts of fellow students.  While it’s fine to disagree, don’t be that guy who is always disagreeable. Keep any negative comments thoughtful and constructive. It also helps if you can sandwich them between some positive comments.  Remember, discussion boards are not anonymous. Your name stays attached to your posts. Don’t say anything on a discussion board that you would not say to someone face to face.

The Door Slammer – It’s easy to forget your manners in the rush to get from one class to another.  When you are entering or leaving a building, there’s a good chance that another student is going to be close behind.  Don’t be that guy who just lets the door slam shut in front of them. Keep the door open for them. They will thank you for it, and you will get that warm, fuzzy feeling that comes from doing something nice for a stranger.

The Always Late to Arrive – Inevitably one day you WILL be late to class, yes, but to all that is holy do not just decide that you are going to be that guy who is late for class every time.  Things do happen where you might have run from one side of campus to the other and you just can’t make it on time. When it does happen that you arrive late, to save you from that nasty look, or rolling of eyes from the teacher and your peers, you need to execute these simple things.  Enter the room as ninja-like as you can. Move with a purpose to a seat, not in the front, that will get you mentally beat up. Finally, still using your ninja skills get whatever you need for class out of your backpack, sit there like nothing even happened, and enjoy class!

The In-Class Eater – There will be days that you might skip a meal and decide to bring it to class…that is a no! Also, don’t bring any snack that is crunchy. This will help you to avoid being that guy.  The smell of the meal might not be as appealing to others as it is to you.  Your peers will not appreciate that. As to the crunchy snacks, while you’re biting it makes noises and this is distracting to others. No matter how slow or quiet you try to bite, it will still seem loud to others. Avoid this and you will be a great peer!

Throughout your college career, you will undoubtedly come across some students acting badly.  Most students, however, intuitively know to steer clear of the behaviors described above. It’s really just a matter of thinking beyond yourself. While you are at UCBA, do your fellow students a favor.  Follow our advice and avoid becoming “that guy.”


By: Ludwing Gonzalez, Connor Newstead, Maria Noffsinger, Vanessa Peterman, and Kevin Salzman

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