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America’s Mini Melting Pot


“Our Multicultural Affairs Office helps celebrate the diversity of our students, faculty and staff, while promoting an inclusive campus through groups, events, partnerships, celebrations and education. We hope you’ll join us in celebrating diversity at UC Blue Ash.”

-Multicultural Affairs Office

There is a long history of immigration in our country; and although not all cultural groups have always been well represented in society, UCBA is doing its part to include everyone, and truly melt our campus together. Unfortunately, this country has not always truly melted the cultures of all groups together. While we can’t change the past, we can fix the present, and the UCBA Multicultural Affairs Office is working hard to ensure that on our campus we are truly tolerant and accepting to everyone.
So what groups, activities and celebrations of culture exist? For starters, join one of these student-led organizations!

Men of Color Collaborative
Sister Circle
UCBA Alliance (an LGBTQ+ student organization)
Latinos en accion
These groups are great at organizing activities and meetings to promote a better understanding of their respective cultures. The US has been called a “melting pot” in the past, and our campus is no different. According to the Multicultural Affairs office, UCBA is the most diverse of all the UC affiliated colleges. Thanks to UCBA’s open enrollment opportunities, more people from all walks of life attend here than other UC locations, including all types of financial backgrounds, many different races, a huge variety of religious and belief systems, and many people from other nations. Half of our student body is made up of first-generation college students. Right now, in your classes are people from places and with cultures that you have most likely never been personally exposed to. Remember that a person’s identity is not just their race, but also, sexual identity, mental/emotional identity, and so much more.

What does this mean for you? How can you help our campus be united in celebrating all cultures? Consider joining one or more of the previously listed groups. It will allow you to contribute. Maybe there just isn’t time in your schedule for regular meetings. There are also activities and events planned to celebrate different cultures. You can attend the French Film Festival, participate in National Coming Out Day, World Fest, or any of the activities involving Hispanic Heritage Month, Native American History Month, Black History Month, Women’s History Month, or Asian American or Pacific-Islander Heritage Month. Stay informed by keeping an eye on the Thursday Announcements that the Student life Office sends out each week in your email, every celebration, activity and meeting is announced there. And we should always remember that at UCBA, we have a culture of our own, one made up equally of many cultures together.

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