Balancing College and Life: Unexpected Events



How do you prepare for what you can’t see coming?

I realize this is a big question to ask and it may have multiple different answers. But we will all be in this situation one day or already have experienced it, so it’s important to share ways to help others. I have found UCBA to be a wonderful place to help you through problems, and most staff are very understanding. Remember that your professors and advisers are people too. Here are some tips on how to balance college and life.

It’s hard to remain focused on school, whether it be in class or completing work outside of class, when something important or drastic suddenly occurs in your life. Reaching out to your professor and sharing with them what you are going through is something you shouldn’t be afraid of doing. Most likely, especially because UCBA is a smaller close-knit community, your professor will be able to provide more information and help on what you can do to avoid falling behind. Your professor may also be able to relate to what you are experiencing and offer you support on a more personal level. It is also a must to speak to your professor if this event is causing you to miss class periods. Nobody wants to miss something important and your professor sure doesn’t want you to if it is something that can be worked through.

Along with talking to your professors about your worries of struggling in class, you can


Science Learning Lab (Walters 200)

also get a lot of help from your peers. Say you’re going to have to miss a class and you know you need to see what is covered. Approach a fellow student you believe you could talk to and strike up a conversation. Hopefully you chose someone nice (almost everyone here will be) and without even having to go into too much detail you could ask if they are willing to send you notes or even video lectures. You can also seek out students in your classes to help you study. The UCBA library has study rooms available for renting during the day that if you are able to you could bring together a group of people or even you and one other person to work on the class. Even allowing yourself to be around people like you can help lift your spirits or, if you feel open enough to the people you are around, share what you are going through with them and they can help you and provide other perspectives that maybe you didn’t see. There are also writing labs, math labs, foreign language labs and we have the science learning lab where you can meet with students and faculty to help your studies if you have fallen behind or you need to seek extra help.

While all students should know that they are able to schedule to meet and talk with their academic adviser, many do not know that each student has a certain amount of free meetings they can use with the therapist we have at the UCBA campus. Her name is Jill Trigg and she is available Monday through Friday. Appointments can be made through Frances Lowery at 513-745-5670 or in person at Muntz 140. I personally have met with


Jill Trigg’s Office (Muntz 118)

her and she is a lovely person whose only goal is to help the students of UCBA. Whatever personal experience you are going through she can be a huge help in guiding you in the right direction of what to do for you to personally balance out your life at school, at home, and everything in between. Also if you feel you need someone to talk out your problems, she is a licensed therapist and anything you say to her cannot be repeated to anyone but you. Setting up an appointment is simple and it is very fortunate that UCBA provides this service to its students for free so don’t be discouraged from using it.

This is just scratching the surface of dealing with unexpected events in your life and how you can balance it all. Everyone copes with situations differently, but knowing what things you can utilize on the UCBA campus to help you cope and work through your academics is something everyone should do. Whatever situation you might be working through, know that at UC you don’t have to be alone. And remember that if you or a loved one are in serious trouble don’t be afraid to contact those that can help.

Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-800-273-8255

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