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Happy Halloween! Top 5 Scares This Fall


Being back into the routine of all the studying and papers has got the majority of UC’s students wondering where the fun of summer went.  Just because the dread of college has come back around doesn’t mean the fun has to stop. Fall is the season for Halloween and, with Halloween, comes haunted houses. Here are the top five haunted attractions in Cincinnati this fall season. Proceed with caution!


  1. The Dent Schoolhouse

First on our list of Cincinnati’s best haunts this fall season is the Dent Schoolhouse and it is not one to be taken lightly as there have been numerous macho men that have come out of this one crying. That’s assuming they had made it the entire way through without having to use one of the emergency exits. Located on Harrison Avenue in Bridgetown, this abandoned schoolhouse has been routinely selected as one of the best haunts in America and holds its title as Cincinnati’s most frightening thrill this fall season. This haunted schoolhouse originally opened its doors in 1894 as an actual school and hold stories of numerous students gone missing without a trace between the years of 1942 and 1955, and was later linked to the janitor, Charlie. Upon investigation, the remains of many students were found in the basement of the once beloved schoolhouse. Although there is no evidence to back up these claims, the story of Charlie still remains and is left up to be believed by the hearer. The Dent Schoolhouse is the perfect attraction this fall for thrill seekers testing to see if they have what it takes to make it through the run-down schoolhouse with Charlie lurking the haunted halls.

Think you have what it takes to make it through the Dent Schoolhouse? The doors to this haunted house remain open until November 3 this season. It is open Thursdays, Sundays 7:30-10 pm and Fridays, Saturdays 7:30-12 am.


  1. Land of Illusions

Next on our list is Land of Illusions and is the perfect place to go if you are looking for an entire night of scare as it is home to six haunted attractions this year. Land of Illusions has already opened its haunted gates for this fall and will be open until November 3rd. This haunted park is located off of Thomas Rd in Middletown. Tickets are on sale for $30 which is a great price considering that you get access to all six haunted attractions. You get access to an entire night of testing your limits as you walk through the six haunted houses, each that delivers.


  1. Wilmington Haunted Hollow Ride

This one of a kind spot is not like the other haunts discussed so far. If you are one to not want to walk through a haunted house, then this one may be the one for you. You simply just have to sit in a bus. Mind you though that you will be chased by fire breathing buses through a forest that holds all the monsters and mayhem. The Wilmington Haunted Hollow Ride is the perfect experience for anyone wanting to switch up from the basic haunted house structure which requires you to walk through it. The ride isn’t all that this haunt has to offer though. The haunt also has three other haunted houses accompanying the ride. The Wilmington Haunted Hollow Ride will be open until the weekend before Halloween so be sure to get there this fall to check out all the action.


  1. Lewisburg Haunted Cave 

Yes, you did read that correctly. This isn’t your typical haunted house as the setting of it is in an actual cave. What a better place to scare people than a dark cold cave? The Lewisburg Haunted Cave is located eighty feet below ground in the Limestone cave and has 30,000 live bats. On top of the uniqueness of the setting of this haunt, the Lewisburg Haunted Cave has been named the world’s longest haunt by the Guinness World Records and was measured to be over 3500 ft long in 2010 and has since only grown. This haunt will be open until midnight on Fridays and Saturdays until October 27.


  1. Kings Island’s Halloween Haunt

I know, I know. This one is the cliché haunt to put on this list, but it is on the list for one reason and one reason only, in that it is not considered to be the top notch haunted houses and are usually more suitable for those of you that get frightened more easily. This year’s Halloween Haunt, originally known as Fear Fest, will be opening September 21st and is host to numerous haunted attractions inside the park. This year will feature over 10 haunted houses including two brand new ones, Chaos! and Pumpkin Eater. The park will also have rides open during the haunt hours, including Banshee, Diamondback, and Mystic Timbers, so if you try to make it through that first haunted house and can’t make it through, the night isn’t ruined as you can still go on rides and enjoy the evening.



**BONUS: Haunted Hoochie at Dead Acres

If you are looking for that over the top frightening haunt experience and are willing to drive over three hours to Pataskala, Ohio, then this is the haunt for you this season. Be warned though that although you make think you can handle this haunt because all other haunts were nothing to you, it is not comparable to other haunts. You see, at other haunts, there is a rule that the scare characters can’t touch you. When you buy a ticket to the Haunted Hoochie, you are giving consent to be touched. The website says that if you are worried about being touched then to not come to this haunt at all. If you are ready to take your Halloween haunts to the next level, then it’s your turn to step it up to the Haunted Hoochie level. It has been noted on the website that refunds will not be given to those that can’t make it due to the dropout rate being much higher than regular haunts.

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