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Recruitment Days At UCBA Can Help Land You a Job


Would you like a job or internship? Unless you already have one, the answer to that question is probably yes. One thing many students have in common is wanting an internship, either during or after college. Fortunately, UCBA has many ways of helping their students achieve that, like having a job board for employers to hang posts about any new opportunities they have, or the newly launched Handshake platform. One of their most interactive methods of connecting students to employers is the Recruitment Days events that go on throughout the semester. These events bring employers right here to UCBA and its students.

The Recruitment Days have only been officially happening since last Fall semester (2017), but there is already a large list of around 100 companies that come to these events to recruit students. Once or twice a month, up to six of these employers set up a table in the Muntz Hall corridor, and any student can just walk up and talk to them about the job opportunities they have available. If you are interested in what they have to offer, you can put your name and contact information on a sheet of paper, and they may follow up with you to schedule an interview. Sometimes they even conduct preliminary interviews right there on the spot.

There are some perks to structuring the event like this. It provides a non-stressful and convenient way for students to find a job. It has a very different tone to it than say, a big career fair, where there is a lot of preparation to be done beforehand. You not only have to dress up in a nice business suit, but you may also need to bring a resume and prepare yourself to be interviewed. Also, those types of career fairs are typically only held up to a few times in a semester. The Recruitment Days on the other hand, happen once or twice a month per semester. They even alternate which days they are held on to give more students opportunities to stop by, so its not hard to see why students have given positive feedback on this alternative approach to the traditional career fair.

Another nice thing about some of the companies that attend Recruitment Days is that the job positions they have available offer benefits that are great for college students. Kroger Cincinnati Fresh Center has tuition reimbursement as a benefit of working with them, and ChildCare Careers lets you take a brief leave of absence, which is useful if you need more time to work on exams or other time-consuming assignments.

Besides potentially landing a job, there are other benefits of going to a Recruitment Days event. If you are interested in volunteer work or service opportunities, some companies that attend this event have those types of positions available. Operation Give Back and American Red Cross are two examples of that. Military service members may also have a table there to recruit for the military instead of a more traditional job, so if that’s something you’re interested in, there are opportunities for that as well. You can also network with some of the employers there and get a glimpse into what it’s like to work in a certain career or company by talking to them.

Although they have many jobs available, one thing the event  lacks is internship opportunities. Sarah Wolfe, the director of student engagement here at UCBA, said that students have given feedback about wanting more internships. Out of the over 30 employers that were on campus last Fall and Spring semester, less than 20% of them had internship opportunities available. However, Wolfe stated that they are currently working on fixing that by working with the companies to turn some of the job positions they have available into internship opportunities.

In spite of the few internships available, there are still some advantages to going to a Recruitment Days event. Out of the big variety of companies that come to Recruitment Days, the 3 biggest industry fields that are present are healthcare, IT, and business. So, even if they don’t have many internships available, if you want to work in any of those fields, attending this event is a good way to start. Opportunities are also available for students who are looking for jobs that don’t necessarily have to be in a field related to their major. Panera Bread, UPS, and Eli’s barbecue are companies that frequently recruit at these events. If you are interested in attending, all of the events are from 12-2 pm and the following list shows the dates for the rest of the semester’s recruitment days. It also shows all the companies that will be there.

For more help with finding a job, don’t forget to check out the Career Services here at UC Blue Ash college. They can help with anything from writing cover letters to preparing resumes.

Happy job hunting!

October 17

  • Cincinnati Pool Management
  • Lifeline youth and family services
  • University of Cincinnati Online MBA
  • Cincinnati Bell
  • Speedway LLC
  • Justice, retail store for girls


October 23

  • Becker Logistics
  • FedEx Ground
  • Brookside
  • Kingsgate Logistics
  • Mercy Health
  • Heartland of Madeira


November 7

  • UPS
  • Empire Marketing Strategies


November 15

  • UPS
  • Dewey’s Pizza
  • Thunderdome
  • Brookside

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