Advice from Eric Broyles: The Alphabet of Success–D grades to CEO


Last week Eric Broyles came to UCBA as part of the Path Speaker Series and shared his story of success and how it all started at UCBA.

Eric Broyles at UCBA

What does it take to make it through life’s turns? Who are the people we surround ourselves with? How do these things affect our life goals? Eric Broyles is a UCBA and UC graduate with great success in the law and entrepreneurial worlds. He ended his high school career as the 4th worst student, and went on to give the commencement speech at his graduation ceremony from UC. He has recently given a large donation to UCBA to give back to the school that helped him succeed.

While looking at his schedule one will notice that he had multiple jobs while in school and spending 15 hours a day on school work in law school. He said of this time, “I was always exhausted.” But his motivation? “You have to keep what you want in life at the forefront of your mind and figure out what it takes to make that happen.”

Broyles asserts that having a vision, a detailed, concrete list of goals, and plans for how to accomplish them is critical. Then remember that only you can make it happen.

What do you need to do to accomplish that vision? Go do it.

“If you think about the five people you spend the most time with, you will be an average of those five people. If you don’t like that, then change it,” he said. You must surround yourself with people who offer you something different, something to support you in life’s turns. Life will always throw you curves, and like a motorcycle rider must lean in the same direction as the turn to avoid crashing, we must lean into the difficulties that come. Some people can lean away and cause you to crash, while others will lean in with you and help you make it through.

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