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A Balancing Act: School and Work


Working and going to school at the same time is something that a lot of college students have to deal with but, it doesn’t mean that it’s easy just because other people are doing it too. Kayla is a full-time student that usually works around twenty to thirty hours every week. When asked what is difficult about doing both she said,

“Time management and not being able to participate in the college extracurriculars because work takes too much time.”

Having about forty to fifty hours out of your week from school and work makes it extremely challenging to try to fit anything else in there, so joining a club or a program has to sit on the back burner for a lot of working students. She was asked how she’s able to manage doing both as well as if there are any tools she is using to help her. She replied by stating,

“Friends keep me on top of my stuff. Self-discipline and being organized is how I’ve managed. As for the tool that I use, it’s bullet journaling. It helps me keep track of what I need to do for school and when I work.”

Having a good support group is very important when trying to be successful as well as staying organized but, not everyone is able to organize the same way. There are other forms of organizational tools that might be right for you. An example of this is using something like google calendars if you like to use your phone more that using a planner. The last question that was asked was that if she was able to go back in time and give some advice to herself what she would say. She said that she would tell herself,

“Go sooner. College is less stressful than high school, especially if you were taking AP courses.”

Being in school and working at the same time can be very difficult for people to handle and it is something that many others have struggled with. Hopefully by reading what Kayla had to say it shows that you’re not the only one struggling to handle a busy lifestyle and that if you need help there are people out there that you can ask. 

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