All Skill Levels Welcome at UC’s Club Tennis


Have you ever wondered about the other sports on campus besides Basketball and Football? The University of Cincinnati and Blue Ash have many clubs, teams, and competitive teams that go virtually unrecognized and rarely get time in the spotlight. The tennis coach, Kassidy Kase is a very unique individual who dedicates almost all of his time to tennis and makes everyone feel welcomed and included. Kase says, “Tennis is a sport that often goes unrecognized but it requires a great athlete and a tremendous amount of stamina and endurance.” Depending on your skill level you can just enjoy the challenge of playing a sport you love or play competitively and travel which is very exciting and can greatly enrich your college experience.

Club tennis player, Katie Bercz states, “Being apart of a team and community has made me more involved on campus by meeting new individuals and partaking in a fantastic workout every week!” Club Tennis is offered as a co-ed sport so girls can be challenged and encouraged to feel empowered through this. Club Tennis is a great competition. Club Tennis player Emily Thomas says, “I am so glad I joined the club tennis team, it has made a much more memorable college career. It keeps me in shape and has helped me make a lot of close friends.”

The team meets two times a week on Wednesday and Sunday for two hours for the very reasonable price of one hundred and fifty dollars for the entire year. you definitely get your money’s worth and then some. By going online and checking the Blue Ash websites interested students can find clubs and organization on campus. There are also no tryouts so this makes it possible for anyone with basic skills to feel welcomed. It doesn’t matter what skill level you are, there is always a place for you in Club Tennis. All you need is a love for the game and a desire to have a great time with like- minded enthusiasts.

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