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Hi my name is Katie, and this is my story. To start it was a calm and cool Wednesday afternoon in the middle of March, wind blowing ever so slightly. I was walking fairly quickly trying to be on time to my Economics class because the Dunkin Donuts line was jam packed. I got my ear buds in, listening to whatever country music my Spotify app decides plays next. Then I notice I got an email from my professor, so when I get some free time I open my laptop and open the email. It was telling me to click on a link to go watch a video before class started this afternoon. Curious as to what the video was, I clicked on the link. Or what I thought was a link to a video.

So what happened? Well, what I just described to you seemed like a typical afternoon for any college student, right? Got my coffee, listening to music, and running late to class. However, I just assisted someone in stealing my identity. That’s right, I helped them steal my own information. What do I do? Is there someone I can call?

Yes. Call the University of Cincinnati Office of Information Security.

“Privacy is key and so is the sense of feeling safe” says Geoff Costa, the Senior Leader of the office.

What does the UC Office of Information Security do? Well, in short, it’s exactly what it sounds like. According to those that work for the organization it is simply, “Securing the information of all University data and personal data, plain and simple.”

The information ranges from something as simple as employee schedules and passwords, to students and faculty Personal Identifiable Information (PII). Protecting the University data is the number one goal of this organization.

Why care about the UC Office of Information Security? This is the organization you contact if you feel like someone is attempting to steal your information through university owned resources.

The University of Cincinnati Office of Information Security offers services like multi-factor authentication, endpoint protection (i.e. laptops, computers etc.), anti-virus services, and security awareness training for all University personnel.

– “Secure the present. Protect the Future.”

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