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gym equipment, the word "overwatch" on the wall, and Robert Merriweather
Captured by Me (Brandon Hardin)

Entrepreneurship has ups and downs. This brings me to the story of young entrepreneur Robert Merriweather and the Overwatch Strength and Conditioning Center in Greenhills, Ohio.

There are hundreds of millions of fitness gyms all over United States. From Planet Fitness, Lifetime Fitness, 24 Fitness, Curves, and even the world-famous Gold’s Gym in Los Angeles, CA. But now you’ll hear about a new upstart gym named the Overwatch Strength and Conditioning Center.

The Greenhills, Ohio, gym was started by young and up-and-coming entrepreneur, Merriweather.

Merriweather first started his entrepreneurship by offering personal training services. He would gather all types of clients throughout the city and train them at several gyms. Merriweather continued his personal training for several years while also working 40 hours at his full-time job.

Because of his growing personal training cliental Merriweather was able to open his own cross training fitness center (The Overwatch Strength and Conditioning Center). The Overwatch opened on November 10, 2018 and is designed to be a workout place for policeman, fireman, service men and women, and regular people trying to work out. Merriweather says he opened not to make money per say it was to make a difference in peoples lives to make a change in the community.

Entrepreneurship is very tough and grueling business, but it can be beneficial if you’re able to endure the tough road ahead. The tough road includes working upwards to 60 plus hours of work per week and making close to or below $55,000 per year.

Is making profit more important to you or changing people’s lives? Making money is great, but is it everything?  Would you rather change two to three people’s lives dramatically  for minimum profit? Or make tons of money and barely impact anyone’s life? The hottest trend in business over the past few years has been entrepreneurship.

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