Staying Motivated–Tips From Dean Lightner


Robin Lightner, dean of the University of Cincinnati Blue Ash, knows a thing or two about challenges that face college students.  She worked full-time as she obtained her undergraduate degree in psychology, while covering her own tuition, room and board, and car insurance!  She said that it truly breaks her heart when students face roadblocks in their college careers and feel forced to drop out in order to stay afloat in our fast-paced society.  She encourages anyone struggling with these issues to persevere and to surround themselves with support networks that will inspire them to continue their path toward a degree!

In fact, UC Blue Ash is the perfect place for students to be surrounded by people who truly care about their success.  Dean Lightner shares that this is one of the many advantages that the college offers its students.  Convenience of location, options in fields of study, and affordable tuition costs are only minor benefits of UC Blue Ash compared to the faculty who rally to inspire students to obtain their highest academic achievements.  Dean Lightner says that “professors are committed to meet students where they are” and that their “mission is to make sure all students can be college level learners”. 

Dean Lightner addresses the college.

Unlike some universities, UC Blue Ash professors are encouraged to experiment with teaching techniques.  Not only can professors use this experimentation to develop themselves professionally, but they can determine the best way to teach their students.  Experiential learning activities, study guides, videos, and projects are areas that professors are able to find what works best for their pupils.  Other small things like reaching out to an absent student and checking in on them can go such a long way in showing the student that others really care about them. 

As we begin a brand-new school year here at UC Blue Ash, keep this encouragement in mind.  Dean Lightner and every faculty member are on your side, and they want you to succeed! It is their mission to make UCBA a place where students are motivated and equipped to pursue their dreams and make them a reality.  When you are feeling discouraged, remember this statistic given by the Dean herself: “Data show that a college degree will earn you $1 million more in your lifetime. (…)  Don’t let the bumps in the road kick you out!”  Make Fall 2019 the best semester yet in your academic career and utilize the resources UC Blue Ash provides to ensure you excel!

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