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Local Concerts: Early Eyes


Clear your schedule for May 8 because Early Eyes is coming to The Basement, and you do not want to miss them.

Hailing from the Minneapolis DIY music scene, Early Eyes has been creating and sharing music since 2016. In the past three years they have released three EPs: Minutes (2017), Decorating (2018), and All Shades of Teal (2018). Along with continuously releasing songs over the past few years, the band has been recognized for their songwriting abilities and was showcased as “one of the best new bands” at Minneapolis’s First Avenue venue in 2017. 

Despite making a name for themselves early on, Early Eyes was started simply “for fun,” and that is exactly what they bring to every performance with their upbeat Indie-pop songs, featuring captivating guitar riffs alongside relatable lyrics, and exuberant dance moves.

If you want to start your summer vacation off right, head up to Columbus and spend a night singing and dancing with Jake, Wyatt, Des, John, and Joe as they perform alongside The Happy Fits!

Early Eyes’ music video for their song “Penelope” released on June 14, 2018

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