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Tesla: Innovating Cars and stopping fossil fuels.


Electric vehicles and Tesla are getting more attention as more people become concerned about the environment. As the 21st century approached and technology started being more advanced, scientists wanted to make the world as eco friendly as possible. Companies began to start making things for the world like solar panels for electricity so we won’t burn as much fossil fuels as we do. In 2003 a group of engineers wanted to prove to the world that there can be an electric vehicle.

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With that electric vehicle they wanted to prove that it could be better, quicker and more fun to drive than a gasoline powered vehicle. Not only does Tesla build just cars, they also build scalable clean energy generation and storage products. The main goal was to get the world to see that the faster countries stop depending on fossil fuels, the faster we as a people can move toward a zero emission future.

In 2008, Tesla Launched their first product, The Roadster, which unveiled the cutting-edge battery technology and electric powertrain. As time went on and technology started to get more advanced, Tesla designed and released the very first premium electric sedan, the Model S. The Model S became one of the best cars in the categories of safety, performance, and efficiency. It caused the world to reset its expectation for the reliability of electric vehicles. All the updates that make their car better over time made their car be able to hit the speeds from 0-60 in just 2.28 seconds was amazing for the world.

In the year of 2015 Tesla decided that not only should they make a sedan but to expand the company name by making more products. The next car to be made was the Model X which became the most safest, quickest and most capable sport car in history to hold a 5 star rating. Then began making an affordable car for the average person named the model 3 which was low priced and high volume. Tesla is now working on a semi truck to help out companies to be able to save money for the near future. This is only the beginning to a new future that we all want to live in, lets contribute.

Tesla maintains a network of around 7,000 charging ports in some 1,100 stations worldwide. Tesla operates through just 330 stores and service locations in more than 25 US states and about 25 countries. One of those locations is right near the Blue Ash community. Having one of these vehicles can help you save on gas because there is no gas involved. You can also help the world stop using fossil fuels because the climate is getting worse as time passes on. Heading toward a zero emission future is what the world needs, so lets pay a visit to our local Tesla and learn more on world change.

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