Ways Leaving my Headphones at Home Has Changed My Life


I sat watching as a two and a half year old was being strapped into her car seat by her mother. Her mother’s long black hair cascaded over her shoulders as she fastened her seatbelt for the 5th time. Shortly after the toddler was settled, her 4 siblings fought over who would be the first to play a hand held video game. As the screaming, crying, yelling I progressed couldn’t help but love every second of it.

Last year I decided to leave my headphones at home whenever I went on any type of vacation or get together with my friends. At first I missed having the ability to have a distraction at the tips of my fingers but soon after I appreciated this healthy purge. Ways leaving my headphones at home changed my life.

Actual human interaction

When I had my headphones on at a arms length away from me at all times, it was so easy to trap myself in my own world. If I was eating in our UCBA cafe, I would put in my headphones. If I was studying in the library, I would put in my headphones. If I was at an awkward social event, I would put in my headphones. Now, that’s not necessarily bad but, I found myself inside my head more than interacting with people. Now, I go out of my way to interact with people even if it might seem awkward!

Hearing is experiencing

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve missed out on special moments while wearing headphones. Those are moments I’ll never get back. Although music can often complement an experience, interaction with loved one can make a bigger impact in my life. The voices of my friends will leave the more impactful memory.

Beautiful car horns

I love music. I love making music. So, learning that music is all around us, prompted me to stop and listen. I love hearing a skateboard wheels smashing the pavement. My ears were made to hear the way wind flows within the skyscrapers downtown. Simple things like that can never be perfectly replicated. That’s something I’ll never take for granted.

Being aware

Becoming more self aware is by far the biggest lesson I’ve learned after leaving my headphones at home. I’ve learned that wearing headphones around people makes it seem as though I am disqualifying myself from interaction. People are less likely to talk to a person wearing headphones. So, knowing some conversations have the potential to change my life, i will never make the mistake of wearing headphones non-intentionally.

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