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The Activist Encourages UCBA Students to Read!


World Book Day is coming on April 23rd! If you are a UC Blue Ash student, then I highly encourage you to celebrate by spending some time reading. If you have never picked up a book outside of school, here are some compelling reasons to give reading a try. If you love to read, here are some reasons to keep going.


1) Free and Easy Access

Book are everywhere, and you often don’t have to pay for access. There are libraries and bookstores near you. The UC Blue Ash library is especially convenient while on campus. The Blue Ash branch of the Cincinnati Public Library is a short drive from UCBA as well. You can order books and eBooks from site such as Amazon; many of these sites offer a free book to subscribers. You can even wander into bookstores and sample the shelves for a time.


2) Something for Everyone

No matter who you are or what you love, there are books to read for you. Books come in many genres, such as picture books, manga, verse, science fiction novels, autobiographies, and young adult dystopian books. You can start in any style or reading level that you want. A quick Google search can find books for any topic of interest, from cake baking to politics to seaweed. Yes, there are books on seaweed. Dare you to find one!


3) Improves Language Skills

As you may know, reading a book involves understanding written language. Seeing correctly spelled words teaches you spelling without you realizing. You encounter new words and see them used in context, which will increase your vocabulary. The word flow, sentence development, and writing style give your brain examples to follow when forming thoughts. All these skills come in handy when writing a paper!


4) Explore New Worlds

You can step out of your world into another place or time. The author will take you around the world, or to a world of their own making. Your current problems fade into the background as you explore a new literary world. It’s like traveling, but with the ticket expenses!


5) Improves Memory and Focus

When you read, you need to remember the characters, plot, and background knowledge to keep up with the story. You have to focus and pay attention. This trains your mind to stay focused on a task, to notice and remember information. A study done by Stanford Universityfound that reading stimulates your brain in deep-focus mode. The more time you spend reading, the better you become at staying concentrated and remembering information.

"LEARNING" on book spines, in gold letters, part of a free image from
“LEARNING” on book spines, in gold letters, part of a free image from

6) Makes You Look Smart

People tend to associate reading and books with intelligence. More than the image, reading allows to learn about new topics and engage in conversations about them. You can bond with a stranger over a favorite book series. It’s surprising how many conversations can begin with the phrase, “Oh I love that book too!” You can use this to your advantage when trying to impress a date or employer.


7) Many Ways to Read

You can read anytime, anywhere, or anyhow. While many argue the superiority of the hardcover, books come in many forms. You can read a paper copy or rent an eBook. Reading apps for your phone or laptop are easy to find.  Audiobooks are also a wonderful way to read with your ears.


8) Reduces Stress

Reading a book is calming and reduces stress and anxiety. In fact, reading a book can calm you down more than listening to music or taking a walk. Few things make me more stress-free than lying in bed and listening to an audiobook. Rereading a familiar book can be like coming home; the simple act of reading calms your body down and distracts your mind from your problems.


9) New Perspectives

Through books you experience cultures, perspectives, and ideas. You see through the author’s worldview, which is often different from yours. You may never get to speak to a farmer in a far-away country, but through a book you can feel their struggles and joys. You will be presented with topics in a manner that you have not seen before. Your mind is opened, and your comfort zone expanded. You grow in knowledge and understanding of the world.


10) It’s Fun!

Ultimately, reading is fun! It is relaxing, enjoyable, exciting, and entertaining. If you choose to read, you will not regret it. So, take advantage of World Book Day 2019 and go have fun!

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