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Top Outdoor Destinations in a Day’s Drive


Every student deals with stress when trying to balance school and everyday life. If you can relate to this, you’ll know there is nothing more relaxing than taking a day or two to distract yourself with something fun and adventurous! The following destinations, ordered from closest to farthest, can offer the perfect get away for the busy Blue Ash student!

  1. Little Miami River

Enjoying a day on the river with friends could be just what you need to relax and recharge! Little Miami River, located in Loveland Ohio, spans 111 miles before flowing into the Ohio river. Visitors can enjoy the trails along the river or rent a canoe and take an adventure! During the warmer months, rental services supply visitors with a canoe for a desired amount of time, and they are free to explore along the river with friends or family! It is the perfect activity on a hot day!

2. Hueston Woods State Park

There’s nothing more relaxing than spending a day hiking through scenic trails. Hueston Woods is a beautiful park located in Oxford,Ohio. It spans almost 3,000 acres, complete with trails, cabins for rent, a resort lodge, fishing, hunting, canoeing, archery, boating, and even has a museum. Nestled in the heart of the park is a resort lodge, overlooking the 600 acre lake. This quiet and serene park is perfect for a day trip, family outing, or weekend spot and will surely spark your connection to the outdoors! 

3. Serpent Mound Historical Park

Bring out the historian in yourself and explore a part of Ohio’s past when you visit this mysterious historical site! Serpent mound is located in Peebles, Ohio, and features a large effigy mound in the shape of a snake. It is situated near three Native American burial mounds. It is one of nine earth made structures throughout Ohio. Visitors can come at any time between 9am and dusk, and expose this historical site. Also the site museum offers a more in-depth look at Native American culture and history in our state.

4. Hocking Hills State Park

If you love gorgeous trails and rock formations, this state park will do the trick! Hocking Hills is located in Southeastern Ohio but is well known throughout the country for its beautiful features. Visitors can enjoy multiple trails, boating, hunting, fishing, archery and disc golf. It is open in winter and throughout the warmer months to whomever wants to explore! You an visit their website to access the trail map and plan for various park events!

5. Mammoth Cave National Park

Want an exciting day trip? These caves offer mystery and fun for any age group, wanting to explore the outdoors. Located in southern Kentucky, this cave system spans over 400 miles. Every season Ranger lead tours bring guests through this intriguing labyrinth of caves. Grab your tickets and prepare for an adventure!

By Nicole Dimuzio, Shadia Kassem, and Kaila Norman

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