Compliments Are Simple Acts of Kindness


My name is Megan Shroyer. I am a Dental Hygiene major at UCBA. I am 20 years old and I have been through a lot in those short years. One thing that has helped me throughout the years is giving and receiving compliments.

Giving or receiving a compliment is like getting a new car. Giving a compliment is like wrapping a present for someone to open, but it is also like cooking someone their favorite meal. Receiving a compliment is like winning the lottery, but it is also like getting an A on a test.

It is always nice to hear someone say that you look good. It makes you feel warm inside when someone tells you that you have a cool outfit or shoes. It makes you smile when your boss congratulates you on a job well done.

I believe that giving compliments is one of the simplest forms of kindness. If you give someone a compliment, it could do as little as make them smile or even make their entire day better. Being on the receiving end of a compliment can lift your spirits up and put you in a better mood. You never know what someone is going through, so just the small, simple act of kindness can help someone.

In the beginning of spring semester, my grandmother passed away from cancer. I lived with her my entire life and we were as close as can be. Losing her was one of the hardest things I’ve ever been through. It felt like it took everything in me, just to get up and go to school. I had no motivation, I didn’t want to be around people, I was depressed and lost in my own thoughts. The day I came back to class after laying her to rest, it was like everyone could tell I was in a rough place, because that day I received what felt like 100 compliments. Whether someone told me that I looked pretty, or that my idea for our project was awesome, hearing those words lifted my spirits.

The writer with her grandmother. Photo courtesy of Megan Shroyer.

After going through that hard time in my life, I realized that the simplest things can help someone or make their day. I make it a goal of mine to give at least 5 compliments to different people per day. It makes me feel good knowing that I can make someone smile, or take their mind off of whatever they’re going through, even if it’s just for a second.

I believe that giving compliments is one of the simplest forms of kindness, because if it wasn’t for those kind words that people told me, I may have still been depressed or lost in my own thoughts. Since you never know what someone is going through, I encourage you to set a goal of giving a few compliments and watch how big of a difference such a small act of kindness can make.

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