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Renovations and Beyond–What’s New at UC Blue Ash?


UC Blue Ash is a school that not only accepts change but embraces it.  As many seasoned students know, the college has been going through some major renovations for the past few semesters—specifically in Muntz Hall.  Just recently, the entire third floor of this massive building has been completed, to many students’ delight.  This new space offers modern classroom designs, open floor concepts, extraordinary seating, natural lighting provided by broad windows, and a brand-new veteran’s lounge. 

These new additions only add to the suspense as yet another section of the hall, half of the second floor is being gutted and renovated.  Once the current project is complete next spring, the plan is to finish the renovations on the entire second floor, with results that will be similar to what you see on the third floor. 

New classroom design in Muntz Hall

Much like an education, improvements take time.  These renovations are slowly, but surely, making this campus a more welcoming and accommodating space for students to study, learn, and achieve their academic goals!  And these changes don’t stop at Muntz Hall.  Walters Hall will add new furniture by late September.  The spacious hallways and alcoves in Walters will feature chairs and tables like those in study spaces on the new third floor of Muntz.

Additionally, with the recent construction of Progress Hall in 2017, it’s clear that UC Blue Ash is growing and college leaders are constantly looking for ways to expand and enhance our campus for the student body!  As you begin your semester here, whether you are a first-timer or an experienced learner, check out the third floor of Muntz Hall or the new furniture in Walters Hall, where you can see just the beginning of a modern new design and a great space where you just may find yourself cracking open a textbook, studying for an exam, or just enjoying the contemporary space.

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