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The Global Climate Strike, which occurred September 20-27 of this year, was a historical event for people across the world who are turning concerns about climate change into action. One of our own academic advisers, Michael Roman, takes climate change very seriously. He has even purchased twelve recycle bins for different offices around the UC Blue Ash campus.

“The bins are owned by whoever agreed to house them, meaning the office empties and cleans them. It is up to the office to decide what goes in them. Some choose paper, others take anything that is recyclable,” says Roman. He is excited as UC Blue Ash is making more efforts to provide more opportunities for students to recycle.

Roman explains that his family is from Kiribati, an island in the Pacific Ocean that is directly impacted by rising ocean waters. He states that his home is predicted to vanish within his lifetime, a sobering prospect. It is no wonder that he encourages those at UC Blue Ash to do what they can to prevent even more disaster. Despite the grim situation his homeland faces, he remains optimistic, “Facilities is experimenting with expanding recycling efforts on campus, so there are a lot of exciting things happening!”

There are 54 recycling units on campus which offer the easiest way for students to do their part for this global cause. The locations include Muntz Hall, Vet Tech Building, Progress Hall, and Walters Hall. If you have any suggestions or ideas, contact our facilities department.

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