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Top 5 Rides at Kings Island


5. Invertigo A type of shuttle roller coaster manufactured by Dutch company

It is a popular ride that is painted aqua and royal blue. Invertigo is a back-to-back seat roller coaster meaning riders get to face each other during the ride. Its height is only 161 feet but it has 6 thrilling inversions forwards and backwards to spark it up and give you the adrenaline rush a roller coaster is supposed to give you at a thrilling 55mph. The ride time is a minute and a half long and can hold up to 28 passengers. This ride was built in 1999 and was named Faceoff but in 2008 the name was changed to Invertigo and in 2012 it was painted the color its known for, blue and teal. This roller coaster doesn’t rank #1 on the list but it is sure full of excitement and it been around for a reason.

4. Beast Built in house roller coaster that was opened in 1979 as the tallest, fastest, and longest wooden roller coaster in the world

After 40 years it remains one of the most popular rides at kings island. The ride has 3 huge tunnels along the track with a combined total of 1,022 feet of darkness. This is a must ride if you’ve never been to Kings Island and is one of its top attractions. This wooden behemoth has a max velocity of 65 mph and is a lengthy ride lasting around 5 minutes, an impressive feat for being entirely wooden. The ride offers beautiful scenery as you’re flying down this track. If you want to be even more daring, come ride this animal at night during Halloween Haunt and be truly thrilled.

3. Banshee Another ride with a spooky theme

It has 4,124 feet of track, which makes it the longest inverted roller coaster in the world. It also has a top speed of 68 mph. This ride is fun to ride during Halloween Haunt because it has kind of a spooky theme and the lines are short, so it is a must ride. The ride has a lot of twists in it and a lot of loops which make it super fun. If you are at Kings Island this is a must ride and you should make it in your plan at the amusement park.

2. Flight of fear An enclosed roller coaster with an alien theme

Guests get on this ride and discover that people mysteriously don’t get off at the entrance. It goes from 0 to 54 mph in 4 seconds. Make sure you’re facing straight ahead. It has a LIM launch system with 2,705 feet of track and lasts a minute long. Thrill seekers beware, this extraterrestrial ride inverts riders 4 times all while being completely in the dark. The only thing you will see are specks of light flying past you as you’re flipped upside down and doing corkscrews! **No cows were abducted during this thrilling one of a kind speed demon.**

1. Diamond back The tallest and fastest ride to ever hit King’s Island

It is one of the most fun and popular rides at King’s Island. It ranks top 10 in the best steel roller-coasters in the world. This is one of the park’s top attractions. The snake theme is pretty fun and fits the roller coaster really well with all of the loops and twists in it.  It stands at 230 feet tall. It has 5,282 feet of track and can hit up to 80 mph while going through the track. If you want to have a blast at Kings Island, ride this one more than once.

By Alex Dooley, Luis Meza, and Ryan Sherman

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