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UC Blue Ash Students Create Democracy


Six ambitious students made UC Blue Ash history this year as they re-created the student government that hadn’t operated in five consecutive years. Together with faculty and staff, they are working to develop a strong organization that strives to involve every student. “We started out as a group of people who didn’t know each other, and we tackled this together,” shares Trevin Ecker, student body president. He is a political science major in his sophomore year at the college and has always been interested in being a part of a student government. 

In 2018-2019, Trevin Ecker and Bryce Mortera (current UC Blue Ash Student Senator) set the ball rolling with the help of political science professor, Ionas Rus, who recommended that the two get in touch, because of their shared interest in politics. “Professor Rus told me that Bryce was interested in starting a student government, and so we got together and started writing the constitution at his house,” shares Ecker.

The two recruited a lawyer to help them in the early stages of writing the political document. “The lawyer dissected each word of the constitution,” says Ecker. “We are in the process of making our language very exact.” Their goal is to become approved by UC Uptown so they can be recognized as an official tribunal of University of Cincinnati. “A tribunal is a recognized organization with an official document with rules and regulations of how that body of students will operate,” explains Ecker.

The new student body of ’19

With the help of Robin Lightner, dean of UC Blue Ash and Chris Dziekan, student life program coordinator, a government of seven students was selected. With a president, vice president, two senators, treasurer, director of outreach, and secretary, the team is complete. They are working to increase awareness about the new student government and encourage students to share their voice.

Weekly tribunal meetings occur every Thursday from 12:45-1:45 in Muntz 151 (Admissions Office). During these meetings, the seven come together and share initiatives and future plans. The notes from each meeting are available on the UC Blue Ash website. Students are welcome to attend these meetings and listen in, share ideas, and participate in their own government. 

The UC Blue Ash student government is already gaining a lot of attention, and the UC Student Senate will hold a meeting at our college January 29. This is a great source of recognition for our student government to celebrate—their hard work is paying off. This event will be at 6:00pm in Walters 100. All are welcome to attend and listen in on the discussion about student-led initiatives across the University. 

The next election for our student government will take place in April 2020. Stay tuned for more information and attend tribunal meetings every Thursday.

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