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Democracy Brings Inclusion to UC Blue Ash


The UC Undergraduate Student Government held their first senate council meeting at UC Blue Ash in over seven years on January 29, 2020. According to the president, Chandler Rankin, the government is attempting to make more efforts in representing students at UC Blue Ash as effectively as the rest of the university’s colleges. 

“We wanted to show students that we aren’t static,” said Rankin, “and take steps with how we engage with UC Blue Ash.” He reached out to Dean Robin Lighter in November about the possibility of UC Blue Ash hosting a meeting, which she was eager to help plan, he said.

At the meeting, Dean Lightner addressed the government members. A large portion of them were visiting UC Blue Ash for the first time, and she warmly welcomed them to the campus. She reminded the student government members that UC’s regional colleges (UC Blue Ash and UC Clermont) represent about 20 percent of undergraduate students at the university as a whole. Additionally, UC Blue Ash is the most diverse college at UC.

senator poses for the camera

Bryce Mortera, former UC Blue Ash senator, and current senator with the undergraduate student government, played a monumental role in this process. He partnered with Rankin and Vice President, Abbie Smith, to form a UC Blue Ash tribunal in early 2018 that has been a success. As the student government at UC Blue Ash has been formed, he has transitioned to the undergraduate tribunal and has been a voice for Blue Ash students.

This meeting was a step in the right direction for UC Blue Ash and all undergraduate tribunals to increase awareness about the regional campuses at UC. Clermont campus had representatives as well at the meeting who addressed the members.   

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