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AACRC Addresses Needs of Black Students



The African American Culture and Resource Center (AACRC) states that its purpose is “addressing the academic, social, spiritual, personal, and cultural needs” of the Black student population.

The most intriguing fact about the organization is the amount of care they show for their community. They are very active around campus and push to make a better environment for everyone. Although they urge non-members to join, you don’t have to be a member to enjoy the perks of the organization. Although you don’t have to be a member to join or attend any of the events, you are required to enter into the “Daily Check-in” anytime you visit the center so be sure to download the event pass in advance.

The resource center is constantly finding new ways to make sure students are achieving in class and being successful: “It is our goal to assist in building a positive, well-developed and balanced environment. AACRC Staff members utilize Starfish and Catalyst resources to aid in these efforts and foster an environment for academic success.”  

The AACRC is a great organization for all students that are new to the school and/or trying to find new friends. If you are a person that believes in giving back to the community this will also be great organization to become a member of. If you are a student who needs academic help or emotional and mental support this organization has all the resources for you. The AACRC is a place where you can discover unique opportunities around campus to partake in. 

By Stephon Bank, Activist writer


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