6 Ways to Tackle Remote Learning


Remote learning has presented new challenges to students across America. Without having the ability to attend in-person classes, there has been a common struggle to find new ways to succeed in courses. UC Blue Ash students have shared six tips that have been helping them focus these past few weeks.

“Remote learning was a very sharp leaning curve at first,” says Noah Bell, Student Orientation Leader. “I’ve had to become independent with my studies and responsible, so I stay on track.”

  1. Get Ready for Your Day

UC Blue Ash students have found that when they get up, taking a shower, listening to music, and having a healthy breakfast helps prepare them for their day ahead. “Put your phone face down,” says Noah Bell. “Get everything that could be distracting in a row so you can stay focused.”

Showering will help you feel fresh and awake, ready for the day. Eating breakfast will not only help your hunger in a few hours, it will also be a task that you’ve already gotten off your list.

2. Make Lists

At the beginning of each new week, make a list of assignments, tests, quizzes, and even household chores that you must get done. It helps to put a date by the task; that way it will give you a clear deadline. “I add fun things to my list so that I can have a break and look forward to fun things,” says Mary Hein.

Throughout your week, as you cross off tasks, you will feel accomplished and organized. Having a visualization of everything that must get done will save you from panicking if you forget an assignment that you didn’t know you had.

3. Stay Active

As gyms have been closing, it can be difficult to find ways to stay active and moving while following the social distancing guidelines. Kendyll Dicker, UC Blue Ash student ambassador, takes a walk in her neighborhood as part of her daily routine.

“Afterwards, I feel good and ready to tackle other priorities, such as my homework,” she says. Exercise has a way of motivating people and helping them feel accomplished instead of sluggish. Endorphins will help energize you to focus and do your best on assignments!

4. Give Yourself Small Breaks

Distractions are normal. Bringing something as important as school into your home with your family, electronics, and pets can make it difficult to focus. Sometimes remote learning feels like there are less people holding you accountable for quality work and focus in the classroom.

Therefore, it is important to give yourself small breaks in between classes and assignments. “My biggest tip would be to change up your location every once in a while, so you don’t get bored,” says Erin Short, Student Orientation Leader.

5. Have Natural Light

“Be anywhere that you can be facing the sun,” says Noah Bell. Sitting in a poorly lit space can reduce motivation and make you feel drowsy and unfocused. Many students recommend sitting near a window that allows light to flood into the room.

“I have a spot in my house that is out of the way and has natural light from a big window,” says Mary Hein. It can also help to look out the window occasionally and appreciate nature.

6. Go Easy on Yourself

Remember, everyone—students, professors, and staff—are experiencing this for the first time. It has been an adjustment, and it is perfectly normal to feel anxious about these new guidelines and ways of learning.

Be understanding with yourself and others as we all get accustomed to remote learning and new challenges. We want to applaud each of you for persevering through unforeseen obstacles and working on your classes with just as much dedication as before.

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