Quarantine Style Tips for Remote Learning


Switching to online classes can be hard. Lack of motivation and unorganization can get the best of you. Here are five tips to help you stay on track:

  1. Plan it out

Write yourself a weekly planner. Begin with writing days your assignments are due and try to finish them early if possible. Many professors do things differently so make sure you understand where to find your assignments and lectures.  Write in when you would like to study for each class and for how long. Don’t forget to leave time for yourself! Get out and take a walk, or do an activity you’ve been wanting to do. 

  1. Have a Good Study Space

Where you study matters. Practice better study habits by putting your phone away. I tend to study better when in bright lighting preferably natural light. I don’t have a desk handy at home so I enjoy doing my work outside or at the kitchen table. 

  1. Take Good notes

If you’re listening to an online lecture, take notes like you’re actually in class. Be attentive and take good notes-but don’t overwrite. Highlight key points that may be important. If you have questions write them down and send them in an email later. 

  1. Have a few breaks

Take productive study breaks when needed. Many studies have shown that taking breaks between studying increases success and positivity.  Do something energizing like take a shower or clean your room. Try not to lay down, binge watch tv, and scroll through social media for long periods of time. 

  1. Make it Enjoyable

Listen to your favorite music. Reward yourself with a snack or two after studying, or my personal favorite- coffee and more coffee. 

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