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Student, Online? Reflecting on Student Life During a Pandemic


Wake up, brush your teeth, comb your hair, take a shower, make some coffee, go to school. Every morning. Doing the same thing over and over again, it gets to the point where it becomes a nuisance. You start to slack, take it for granted, show up a little late because you were hungry or didn’t have time to make your coffee, at home, that morning. Next thing you know, classes become optional, and then before you know it, face to face classes are being switched to online.

You’re powerless. The university and professors are doing everything in their power to say the right things, make it easy on us, and help the situation, but nobody can change it. Nobody can make this better and open the doors again. It doesn’t matter if you aren’t tech savvy. If you don’t have the means or have an overabundance of the means, but not the motivation.

It doesn’t matter if staring at a computer screen makes your head pound and your eyes bleed, because at the end of the day, something still needs to be done for a grade. An effort at the least has to be made. But we never asked for this. We never wanted this.

What was the alternative though? Risk spreading a deadly virus that you could take home and kill your neighbor, kill your mother. What has this come to? Is there no means to an end of this madness? I want my late mornings back. I want my “It’ll only take 5 minutes” back. My coffee during a morning lecture. My brisk walk to class as the birds chirp and the wind waves. The schedule I once dreaded on early mornings without much sleep, the normalcy of going into the gas station and sneezing into your arm while making your cup of coffee.

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Is life as we know it gone? Will things ever go back to how they once were? And if so, why does it seem to be taking so damn long.

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