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By Faith Redwine, Noah Lovely, Isaiah Edwards, Activist contributors

What is Rock music? Rock I believe is one of the highest forms of self expression. Created in the 1950’s this genre was created. Since then many sub genres have branched off and created their own interpretations of what Rock is. Heavy metal, punk, grunge, classical, and electronic are just a small list of the genres formed from rock. Creative expression can be recognized in many forms, an example of this would be “The Beautiful People” by Marylin Manson. This song was far from what people were used to. His dark lyrics mixed with his odd visuals where he wore a dress, weird costumes, and make-up. Rock has always been the genre to bring people out of their box and be faced with individuals who don’t normally live by societal norms. Punk rock in its prime, is a main example of this. “As a cultural movement, punk is driven by a refusal to sell out, a desire to do it yourself, and anti-capitalism.” (The Punk Art Movement.) Rock can make you sad, happy, energetic, or low. It has many faces and is a huge tool to allowing people to be themselves.  

Photo of a guitar courtesy of Jefferson Santos via Unsplash.

Jazz and hip hop like all other genres of music are great examples of self-expression. Jazz is usually more relaxed and calming than most genres and the expression comes through the instruments more than lyrics at times. You often have to listen a little more intently to catch the message the artist is portraying but the mood of the song is more easily identifiable. You feel the relaxed nature and notice your own mood changing to match the song’s before you’re able to put that mood into words. Jazz is a great option when studying or trying to wind down and when you listen to it you’re expressing a relaxed mood in yourself. “Tadow” by Masego is a great example of this, the song is upbeat but slow and calming. Jazz can also be used to express other things besides relaxation. Blues is a variation of jazz (among other genres) that usually focuses on more depressed emotions (hence the name “blues”) like heartbreak and such. But it is jazz noir that’s the most aligned with “dark” or depressed moods.  

Alternative is one music genre set apart from the rest. Instead of staying inside a box, it travels far beyond what the eye can see. This genre has by far the most creative and unique music genre out there. One wellknown alternative song is “Smells like Teem Spirit” by Nirvana. The switch up from a more chill vibe to an absolute masscre on the guitar is revolutionary. This is the best part about alternative music. It expresses itself through a combination of all kinds of music genres, yet has its own creative twist. However, most alternative music consists of three characteristics; layered instruments, complicated guitar melodies, and lyrics about social issues (What Is Alternative Music?). A perfect example of this is “So Long Forever” by PALACE. Some of the most important lyrics in this song are “Won’t somebody but me shout? Keep strong and fight with your self doubt”. This statement alone is bringing on a fight for improvement. “Shrug off your common sense. Soon I’ll be running wild” is yet another bold statement. These lyrics bring somewhat of a “cutlural movement” (What Is The Meaning Of Alternative Music?). But because Alternative music falls outside of the norm, it is not typically played on the radio.  

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