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Academic Support Labs Are Ready to Support UCBA Students


By Shavell West


Have you ever needed assistance on a problem or project that has taken you three or more hours to solve? Time management is one of the most difficult things to master as a college student.

A student works on a laptop.

UCBA’s labs are a great study resource.


The difficulties of juggling home, social life, work, and school work can cause a lot of stress. The devices around us sort of pull us toward things that do not really matter, for instance our cell phones and laptops can be very distracting.


College students all over can relate. UCBA students can figure out how to deal with challenges, and there are many resources here to help them.


There are places and people on campus that support our time management skills and push us to go to things like office hours, science labs, math labs, advisors, and other resources. Research shows that students who spend more time on personal social media like snapchat than being involved on campus are less interactive in lectures.


The transition from high school to college has to be the toughest in regard to managing time because you are so used to being told when, where, what, and how to do certain things whereas at UCBA you are given a syllabus to figure things out and expected to be ready to learn.


These labs are available at UCBA to help students do just that:

Foreign Learning Lab

William R. Deane Mathematics Lab

Science Learning Lab

Writing & Study Skills Center

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